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Thread: You Know You're "A Person With A Disability" When

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    i feel my disability each time i have to ask someone to help me do the most simple things normal people take for granted
    i am an electrical installation teacher yet cannot change my own light bulb.
    in addition this year i have been given a basic 15hr worksite safety programme to teach. i get so emotional when i have to explain ladder safety.

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    When you are with a bunch of people just waiting for the first good snowfall so they can go skiing, and all you can think of is that it is that it completely screws up your mobility, and where will you ever be able to lower the ramp on city sidewalks with high snowbanks?

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    When i realized i was just like my dogs because my "tail" wagged because i got to go for a ride in the car!!

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    Your friend references your "happy pill" and he's referring to a potassium channel blocker.

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    Randy, that literally made me laugh out loud - so hard that I had tears when I finished.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 26 years post injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddog2020m06 View Post
    LOL You know you have a disability, when you look in front of you there is a crotch or rear looking at ya.
    Yeah I just don't know where to look when I suddenly find a huge arse in my face. And I'm thinking....''don't you dare fart!''.

    Actually that's the most annoying thing about having just one wheelchair space on london buses....Someone comes along and let's rip with a can no longer just get up and move to another seat (or deck) to get away from the smell. Just gotta sit there engulfed by it

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    When i'm feeling so independent, cooking for my family, then I'm suddenly stuck-can't move an inch-because a plastic trash bag is completely tangled in my front castor. I have to call to my husband to come and hold me in a wheelie and untangle it for me!

    Or when I proudly show the public I can open my own door-don't need help- then as I come outside a gust of wind blows an important paper off my lap and I chase it, then as I reach down, it blows farther, then again and its off the curb. Mr "Public" comes out the door and I have to accept his offer for help now!

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    ...when the only place that really, really feels like home is these fxcking threads.

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    This thread was before my time. So freaking funny!

    When your sitting by a heater and its 70 degrees outside

    When picking out your wheelchair color is a seriously huge decision

    When every move you make has to be spread around to every family member and friend (new injury)

    When you have to talk people into not helping you

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    When my daughter say's catch me Daddy.

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