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Thread: Seeking ideas on where to live

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    Seeking ideas on where to live

    In the US, do you love where you live, or have any ideas about great places to live? Pros would be:
    · Home with a lawn, but in a town/near a city with an active live music scene.
    · A nearby university is always nice, but not critical.
    · Some population of single men would be a bonus.
    · I like seasons, but could live without really hot humid summers or snowed in winters.
    · A place where housing / land prices (maybe I would build) are depressed right now

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    I would ckeck out Nashville. Of course most of the music might be country. Still some snow in winter but not like N J. Not as Humid as S, Ar. I don't think their economy is too. depressed as it was not overly inflated to start with.

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    I love where I live but it doesn't fit your ideal. I moved from NJ too so just about anywhere South of you will be more affordable.

    I know someone selling the most gorgeous home in TN, already adapted.
    I'll fwd. this thread to her
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    Western Washington. Seattle is a bit expensive, but as with all real estate has dropped ~ 25% in the past year. Economy is okay, not as depressed as some areas. Yes there is the rain, but that means a Green lawn !!!! I am biased but there is no better place in the world than Seattle in the summer- the temps are in the 70-80s with beautiful weather. Not much humidity- nothing compared to the south for sure.
    You can buy acreage near Seattle. I live in Seattle and am near unincorporated Seattle, people actually ride horses down the street I live on.
    While grunge is a Seattle born concept, it has gone away- but there is still an awesome music scene, and it is very diverse.
    There are several colleges and there is the University of Washington, Western Washington University, University of Puget Sound, PLU etc., etc. The University is an SCI Model Center as well.
    Lots and lots of men in Seattle... Can't really elaborate. If you have questions just PM me. Best of luck finding a new place- kind of exciting huh?
    Take Care,

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    Where To Live

    Google Asheville, North Carolina. Great music scene, a university, gets the seasons, but none is harsh. Nice medium size city with all sorts of cultural and outdoors recreation.
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    I think Tennessee and North Carolina and Washington are all good suggestions, but I have to give some love to my neck of the woods. I live in the St. Louis Metro area (Southwestern Illinois) and am very happy. The cost of living is well below what I'm sure you're used to and there is plenty to do, good food and good people. Some of the best hospitals and universities (Washington University, St. Louis University etc.) and I'm only 15 minutes away from it across the Mississippi River in a small town of about 20,000 people with everything from sushi to shopping. The area is still growing, as St. Louis spreads out, so real estate is still appreciating. It's kind of a small-town feel, but has all the amenities of a larger area, and the crime rate is low. I would definitely recommend the St. Louis Metro East to anyone. Be happy to help if you have any more questions!

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    I will follow this thread very carefully. I would like to at least change locations in the winter. 40 feet of snowfall in a season is just too much for my wife to take care of now that I can't seem to find a snow blower for my power chair! I hope lots more of you chime in!!
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    Austin, Texas
    Summers are hot but not as humid because it's inland.
    Snow is not a big concern
    University of Texas
    Big music scene and the annual South by Southwest Festival. Austin City Limits.
    Tech companies, government jobs lots of nightlife so if it's men you want, then men you may find.
    No State Income Tax
    Accessible? - yes

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    Tennessee?? Really it's not bad here but I haven't seen too many decent single men.

    Where is this adapted home at?
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    c'mon dave...lets blow this joint....i need ure truck anyway, can't fit my shit in my can come with back to ft. worth(and even bring ure wife)...the girls want dad back and showing up with your horses would be a bonus for bri

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