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Thread: On the hijacking of topics

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    On the hijacking of topics

    Just some thoughts here - People come to these forums for information, asking questions relative to their own particular situation. I've seen 2 or 3 threads just in the past few days that have had legitimate questions/concerns hijacked by a few people who seem to feel the need to to redirect the topic to their own personal agenda. While I know that, just as in 'face to face' conversations, topics can seem to ramble around, these hijackings on the forums have absolutely nothing to do with the original topic, and even nothing to do with the original poster. If someone comes on the forums and asks a question, needing and expecting feedback from the members and professionals we have here, is it not too much to expect that they will get some cogent answers without the topic deteriorating into an ego fest among other members?

    My suggestion is that when you see a topic is going off-center, request the topic be returned to its original thoughts; if you have something to say that's off-topic to another poster, start a new topic. If it's an ego-fest shooting match, take it up in the members forum.

    There are hundreds of people coming to these forums to ask legitimate questions; let's do what the forums were meant to do, and that's help them out when we can, or provide support.

    Thank you - my rock is waiting for me to go and crawl under.

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    My $0.02 worth is that this is especially important in the "New SCI" forum. I'll leave out names, but I've seen some very bitter and depressing posts to cries for help. I know we all have bad days and we've all had horrible things happen to us, that's how we all ended up "here", but the "New SCI" forum is not the place whine about the injustices of God or the US legal system, etc.

    Move over, Marm, there has to be room under that rock for me, too.

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    Naah, stay away from the rock, I'll be there in a minute. Together, we'll wallop the smacktards.

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    Tx, y'all - and a mighty big rock it is!

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    1,396 i was wondering what kinds of rocks others are using?? ones, heavy ones....i like blue rocks....ure not using loon rocks are you??...oh you lefties....


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    You have been hiding out wherever long enough.
    It's sooo good to see you back posting. IMO you are usually a voice of reason.
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.

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    Hmmm, loon rocks - has a nice ring, doesn't it? Mine is actually a special kryptonite rock, guaranteed to keep out any negative rays or comments!

    Lindox, tx - I'm not sure hubbie would agree w/you re the 'voice of reason', lol!

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