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Thread: He died...

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    He died...

    Last Monday , my uncle who is a 56 year old dentist and his wife was standing on the side of street (my cousine was standing on the other side and WATCHED THE WHOLE ACCIDENT), while bunch of young idiot guys, apparently driver was drunk, hit them... and they hit my uncle severly. He has broken ribs, his ribs tore the lungs and head injury. He was in coma for a day , now his lung is the biggest issue..since he has been a heavy smoker for years, and now his lungs are injured there is no chance of recovery... He is now using breathing machine , ....we just heard it on Thursday since it happened back home... he is my mom's only brother. My aunt, mom's sister died young, she was 42, because of misdiagnosed and my grand parents died 1 year after her. So my mom is sooooooo sad, she is crying all the time... my dad tries to be strong and supportive but I can see him crying when noone is around.... its a horrible situation... she went back home to see him, she still hopes he can make it... he had 2 children a girl 24 and a boy 26. They both got engaged and his son suppossed to get married this summer... sigh...
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    that is horrible im so sorry about your uncle. never give up hope,stay positive for your mom. my prayers are with you and your family.

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    hey, i am so sorry to hear this, life can be so cruel...

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    Oh, Yasaman. I am so sorry. Your family is in my thoughts and if there's anything I can do, please let me know. ((Hugs))

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    Sorry to hear about them! Will keep him in my prayers!

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    positive thoughts your way
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    So sorry your family is in my prayers
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    So sorry to hear that, you and your family are in my thoughts

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    I'm sorry to hear this, Yasaman.

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    Don't lose the faith, he might make a complete recovery.

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