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Thread: My Angelfish Died

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    My Angelfish Died

    Pardon me for being so self indulgent, but this was important to me.

    My angelfish Lily died yesterday. Who mourns a fish? I guess I do. For a three dollar Walmart fish, she was surprisingly hardy living for six years and surviving two household moves. She was a very beautiful and peaceful fish and was the star of the tank. Everybody commented on how pretty she was. She started swimming funny on her back yesterday morning and all I could do was watch helplessly as she got worse through the day and then died in the evening. It was like I could not bear to watch it, but I kept checking the tank. Silly to be sad I suppose but I had her a long time. I have lots of other fish, but there was just something reassuring about looking at the tank and always seeing her swimming and lurking around her favorite toy castle.

    It has been a crappy week and this just kind of was the icing on the cake.
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    Not silly at all. I would feel the exact same way.

    Sorry that you lost her. She's been a constant in your life for quite a long time.

    You're having a rough time OJ. I hope next week is the start of an upward trend for you.


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    Aw Amanda, I'm so sorry {{{hugs}}}

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    I'm sorry you lost Lily, Amanda. No, it's not self-indulgent to care about your fish, to mourn the passing of your favorite. Our pets don't have to be dogs or cats for us to feel the loss.


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    I hope you didn't flush it OJ.....

    Look on the bright side, Spring has sprung and that means things are on the up, it's a law of nature.

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    Very sorry.

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    Thank you everybody very much, both for helping me feel a bit better and also for helping me realize it is not silly to be upset.

    Mem you are right that cats and dogs are not the only pets we can mourn. I thought about this a few weeks ago when one of my friends was very dismissive about another friend who was upset about the death of his newt. I guess part of feeling silly grew out of that conversation. I am glad I was wrong that feeling sad was a dumb thing.

    No Timaru she was not flushed. My parents used to flush dead fish when we were kids, but I have never been able to do it to my own fish. She was very big, close to the size of my hand, but even had she been smaller I would not have been able to do that. My parents live out in the country so my dad put her in a plastic container and buried her out there.

    But your question does remind me of my all time most favorite episode of the Cosby Show when the family holds a funeral for Rudy's goldfish in the bathroom then flushes it. I am going off topic but thinking about that episode has just cheered me up

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    Not silly at all. All living creatures are special.

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    Yep, not silly. That was a beautiful creature. I think 6 years plus her time before you got her made her moderately old for an angelfish, so it was inevitable. What other fish do you have? A large tank?
    - Richard (never got beyond a few guppies)

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    Sorry to hear that.Hope you feel better.
    Be yourself!!!
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