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Thread: Use FES for a grip for people with SCI!

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    Thumbs up Use FES for a grip for people with SCI!

    Hmm, this is older, so why isN'T it pushed? Scott.

    use FES for a grip for people with SCI!
    Functional Control of the Hand in Tetraplegics Based on Residual Synergistic EMG Activity
    · Rune Thorsen,
    · Maurizio Ferrarin,
    · Raffaella Spadone &
    · Carlo Frigo
    • 1Centro di Bioingegneria, Fondazione Don Gnocchi, IRCCS, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy
    Correspondence to: Dr. Rune Thorsen University of Twente, Signal and Systems-BME, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands. E-mail: R.A.Thorsen@el.utwente.nlPresented in part at the 6th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrostimulation, held September 22–24, 1998, in Vienna, Austria.
    A microprocessor controlled device (MeCFES) was used for the investigation of the possibility of restoring hand function in C5 tetraplegics with paralysis of the hand. To date, 3 tetraplegics have been testing the system. The myoelectric signals from wrist extension were recorded and used as control signals for functional electrical stimulation (FES) of thumb adduction/flexion. The results have shown that the device can improve the hand function of tetraplegics. In this part of the work, a hand function test was designed and used to assess the results.

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    good questiom -- why hasn't it been investigated more??

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