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Thread: Portable Hand Controls For Sale

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    Portable Hand Controls For Sale

    Brand new set of AZ-1 Portable Hand controls for sale. I just bought these in March for $300 because I was car shopping .... I ended up buying a car before they ever arrived and got permanents installed, so I never used these!!

    Will sell for $200 + shipping .... details on the controls can be seen on Allegro Medical's site ...
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    How do you want payment?

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    Have you sold these yet?

    Hi... I've been looking at these controls myself... Have you sold them yet? Could you take paypal as payment? How much would shipping be, my zip is 97030? Thanks a bunch.
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    Julran, did you get the email I sent you?
    "This is a life like no other ... this is the Great Adventure" -- Steven Curtis Chapman

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