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Thread: L1, L2 injury getting two one hour session wk

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    He needs to contact his Worker's Comp company and ask for his case manager, or ask to have one assigned. This person should be finding him the most appropriate care. Did he actually get any inpatient rehab at a SCI center? If not, he needs to insist on this.

    I hope he has a Worker's Comp attorney of his own. He should not trust the Worker's Comp insurance company to do its best by him. Sorry to say.


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    Recent as I am

    Hi my name is Donna. Dec, 22, 2006, i fell of my truck while unloading cars. Had surgery 12/25/06 great christmas present. I am T 10,11,12 L1. I am the proud owner of 8 bolts and 2 bars. I am 4 months post I started regaining some sensations one week after my operation. I have reflexes and ton's of reactions when people touch my legs and feet. I just do not feel touch or pain. My legs move when i put pressure on my lower back, when i go on a car ride my muscles contract and get funny fellings. I am in pt therapy right now three times a day for one hour a day. I just started therapy. I spent a month in the hospital in a rehab then i went looking for pt and everyone told me they could not help me more than what i was i was already doing. I do exercise and range of motion twice a day and ride a electric bike for two hours in the evening. Which a person can find at it is called electric pedler. This company has alot of good products. Also for anyone interested in really wanting to get better and want to learn how to walk or get better, go to i am going to start as soon as i can as well as doing my reagular therapy here in Yakima, WA, also will be doing water therapy to get my muscles stonger so when things do start to come back i will be able to control. I am also going to start acupuncture treatment on Friday. I have done ton's of research on spinal injury and have looked over everything that i can find. Also depending on the area from where James ? is from get him info from the Christopher Reves site. The project walk program is in California and Oregon they are for intence PT.
    I spent three and half months in a shell for me it was more like a bustie from h!!!. Being a female with sci is not fun. I have heard about so many people that have sci and 90% of them are men. Not to many woman with sci. But i am sure they are out there. Not by choise but they are around. I would very interested in hearing from everyone who has beat SCI and have walked again even if they are new or post injury. I do not plan on being in this chair for long I will do what i need to do to suceed. I will be back and i will not give up. The best saying I have ever heard in "THE CHAIR IS NOT THE END AND EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!" Tell James that have a family member help with exercises at home the more you do and the more reps you do the better you will be. I was told that Spinal Shock alone takes up to 8 months of more to go away and the swelling again time. I am not good with time but a nurse told me one day by the time you are back up on your feet again you will have a PHD in time and patients. Hope this help's anyone and everyone a bit have a great day. And may the luck of the Irish be on your side Bye Donna

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    Thanks Donna

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, and suggestions. I really wish you the best - you sound like you're working hard and determined - that's got to be a big part of the battle!
    James is in Northern Indiana. He's now 2 1/2 months post and still has the shell. He plans on being aggressive with his therapy once the shell is gone - we'll check out some of your suggestions!
    With Dustin it was so important to get him in-patient so quick, I didn't realize how limiting the shell is.
    Good luck!

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    GL~ I can mail you a packet for this level of injury, like I did for Dustin but for James level. Let me know if you are interested and I will send it to you. Then you can deliever it to his family. Let me know via my email address or PM.
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    just wondering, what kind of info is in these packets?
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    Pretty much whatever you need, if I have it. I am offering GL one that is for a new injury with info on choosing a rehab center, state programs, level of injury and becuase of the level I would add bowel, bladder info. Also a book.
    If you need more info, PM me.
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    geneloch hi again project walk is opening a new office in Boston, Mass. Not sure when but they have it on there site. Tell James not to wait for the shell to come off. He can do alot with it. I had a nurse that came in at night to help me get ready for bed when I was in the hospital still and every night she would do range of motion & make me help by telling me to pull my knee to my sholder and to push against her. I would do this and I found my legs were reacting and I could flex some muscles in both upper & lower legs. Know everynight after i am in bed i consentrate on my muscles and I flex thigh muscles the my calf muscle then I try to wiggle my toes or move my foot I can feel the muscles contrating but the toes are not moving yet but they will one day. It is mind over body. Tell his he needs to tell his body to move this muscle or that muscle. It is your mind that will help you heal your body as well. And above all be positive. Do not let people be negative or let them be negative. Do not let them give you meds to stop the movement (spasums) because that is telling you there is a chance. A friend on mine told me about his accident he fell from a building and broke his back he was in coma for 3 month in the hospital he came around and they sent him home telling him no chance of walking. He was at home always in bed and 8 months had gone by and he told me in those 8 months he felt nothing just deadness. He then told me one morning he had a urge to go to the bathroom and he kept tring to turn over and thats when he felt tingling in his leg. After about a year of him doing what he could on his own and with only his family to help he was back up walking. So do not belive what a doc tells because they can never be sure what will really happen in life. Donna
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