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Thread: A Thread to bitch and complain?

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    I remember when I didn't have nerve pain, damn where did it go. I've been dealing with it now really bad for 3 or 4 yrs and the Dr has been trying to find a med that will work.
    As far as sci, it's been 10 yrs. I'm 52 was 42 when it happened. I know I sound old but I looked younger and was a knock out and built like a brick shit house. We went dancing, etc. I miss being pulled behind the boat on the river. On one of those floats with the handles. They couldn't throw me off. OH, yep. can't do the things I use to.
    Me, my live in boyfriend we had sex every day. On the bed, in the tub on the counter maybe the kitchen table. Maybe 3 or 4 times in one day. We did stay togather 5 yrs post but it wasn't the same. I don't want sex anymore. Not with him. lol Can't feel it. I miss my old life. My best friend and her husband, we were all best friends. I miss them cause I don't get out like I should. I feel like a lazy no incentive dumb ass that don't use what I have.
    It's hard to plan cause I never know when I wake up if the pain will be bearable. They can't invent other nerve meds besides neurotin, lerica etc. Shit let me just take 2 or 3 loritabs
    OH well I am alive and I do appreciate every day I have.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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    Arthritis hurts. I have it in my shoulders. I dread the Winter cold.
    Sorry for my complaining. Expecially when other have problems.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryonwheels46 View Post
    Arthritis hurts. I have it in my shoulders. I dread the Winter cold.
    Sorry for my complaining. Expecially when other have problems.
    Mary, no apology needed for the vent...

    What gets me is that when you think you just MIGHT feel better, another joint joins the arthritis parade....grrrrr!!!

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    Bums Mary.I miss the old body & the good sex too,I understand completely.Find a good guy & try again,never know.I've said before though"oh the days of riding gone by"..sigh,nothing was better!TMI?Sorry people,I'm not shy,lol.Bad news about the arthrititis too,Idk if it's the same but it feels like I have hot daggers twisting in my shoulders & my neck is so weak.Damn these bodies & this pain!

    Another complaint from me..bladder pain kept me up all night,bladder spasms all day but no leaking yet.Gee,I wonder what it could be ?!I hate my bladder,but I guess I shouldn't have let down on drinking that whole gallon of water the other day.Can I say some days I also hate having to drink so much water & would love something caffeinated & sugary from a can once in awhile?

    But like Mary,still have much to be thankful for.

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    Pain keeping me up all night
    Pain wants me to sleep all day
    Pain, I feel I've done my time
    Pain, shuffle on-Go away!

    Lots to be grateful for, yep. But come ON. Pain makes birthday cake suck, imagine what it does to a random boring Sunday!

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    I think pain destroys everything, I couldn't enjoy anything and stayed in my bed most of the time and took painkillers when the children went to bed. That was the time they did not give morphin for SCI and didn't know about nervepain here at least. I was even in the hospital for a month and they did not understand anything and then they gave me the softest painkiller on descripton and told me I had to live with the pain. 1981, before my children.

    It happens I have a couple of bad days now too. That is good because it reminds me of how grateful I am that I found my solution. Not a secret, only clonazepam and a 5µgr patch.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    So for the last 10 years I've bent over backwards to arrange my life so I can work for the forest service in the summer, jumped through hoops with social assitance, paid thousands of dollars out of my own pocket for wheelchair seating to speed up the process & be available for work. Well the last couple of years I've been struggling to get enough work to fill my minimum allotment of hours never mind burning over the fte & getting more hours. The last two years it's been a struggle to even get paid on time!

    Then the payroll person has the audacity to tell me, "well don't wait for a month before reporting the problem" Hello if I didn't have to spend my day making sure fire crews filled out reports properly, waiting around for a medical supply rep who can't be bothered to call if she's running late or no show, has no real clue what she's doing, my other medical supply vendor who handles my respiratory issues sits on paperwork until it's past the deadline for submission.

    Why is it I'm head acountable & I have to babysit everybody else to make sure they are doing their f'ing jobs. It would be one thing if i was dealing with kids or mentally challenged people but these are all mentally competent adults.

    Yeah it's my fault I put it all on the line & bent over backwards for a part time seasonal job but for crying out loud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teena View Post
    That was NOT posted to compare arthritis pain to central pain whatsoever...I know central pain is so bad it is off the scale!!!
    Neuropathy is as individual as any other type of pain. Many days the arthritis in my shoulders and elbows is far more debilitating than that crushing pain in my back. It's sharp and biting when I transfer and much harder to ignore.


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    After 28+ years of torture has turned me into a nothing, I'm ready to confess to anything. I wish I could find a way to ignore this.

    Pre-inury, I had a high pain tolerance. That didn't last long after.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Canuck, have you explained to anyone what you just said here? I've certainly noticed the sacrifices you make for the pleasure of being employed. I even kinda know why you do it. Betcha anything it has never occurred to those ab's tho.

    If you could pick the right person to whom you'll state your case, and do so w/ no whining, it might help.

    Just elucidate the extra steps required for you to remain employed, and why you'd like to remain employed, and hit briefly on the consequences when Person A neglects their job...

    Just a thought. I think you deserve to be heard.

    Today I mentally worked through the steps for a woman to sit in a wheelchair, at the truck stop, holding a sign that says "Please Help. God Bless."

    I always hear that's a big moneymaker. If it's pride that stands in my way, I think I could get past it. I can't satisfy an employer that needs me there 5 days a week;my health is too unreliable. Logically enough, they tend to want you to be at work every day you're scheduled.

    Being a beggar: Pros? Cons?


    1. Won't interfere w. SSDI or Medicare
    2. Days off as needed
    3. Meet interesting people
    4. Tax-free
    5. Short commute to nearby truckstop


    1. Socially unacceptable...with my luck the local media will become intrigued, thus blowing my cover and mortifying entire family. Or my son's ex-gf will see me, or a cousin. There are a LOT of people I wouldn't want to see!
    2. Increased chance of being butchered and winding up in dumpster w/ truck-stop prostitutes, behind local grocery store
    3. Income unpredictable
    4. Meet interesting people

    Thoughts? Am I really the only person that has ever thought the wheelchair could be used to advantage? I'm sure others are nervous about the condition of their future finances since Wall St. tanked. I can't be the only one that knows showing up to work daily is out of the question...If I suddenly regained my fingers and could do former job, or got qualified for new, better job-I'd still be unreliable, thus unemployable imo. Graves disease got me in a corner that sci never did.

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