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Thread: A Thread to bitch and complain?

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    I am so sorry about the loss of your dad. It is so difficult to lose parent, and my heart goes out to you. To have also lost your beautiful cat today is a double whammy. Again, my sympathy.......

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    Cherry, I'm so sorry, it sounds like our 2004, my SO's son was killed in a quad bike accident in Bolivia, my father was recovering from major surgery/cancer, my No. 1 retriever was put down nine months before No. 2 retriever screamed in the middle of the night and was dead by the time my mother got to her.

    I'm being serious here - things couldn't get any worse so we subconsciously flipped the situation and went with Eric Idle, I think it's some kind of survival instinct because it helped.

    I'm sure you know the song but here goes anyway......

    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

    Some things in life are bad,
    They can really make you mad,
    Other things just make you swear and curse,
    When you're chewing life's gristle,
    Don't grumble,
    Give a whistle
    And this'll help things turn out for the best.

    Always look on the bright side of life.
    Always look on the light side of life.

    If life seems jolly rotten,
    There's something you've forgotten,
    And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
    When you're feeling in the dumps,
    Don't be silly chumps.
    Just purse your lips and whistle.
    That's the thing.

    Always look on the bright side of life.
    Always look on the right side of life,

    For life is quite absurd
    And death's the final word.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.
    Forget about your sin.
    Give the audience a grin.
    Enjoy it. It's your last chance, anyhow.

    Always look on the bright side of death,
    Just before you draw your terminal breath.

    Life's a piece of shit,
    When you look at it.
    Life's a laugh and death's a joke it's true.
    You'll see it's all a show.
    Keep 'em laughing as you go.
    Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

    Always look on the bright side of life.
    Always look on the right side of life.

    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!
    Always look on the bright side of life!

    Repeat to fade...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry
    Sure. It's its connotation of finality and I don't believe Death is 'final'.
    Thank you for clarifying. I thought that's where you were coming from. I find it rather common for people to avoid the term death for slightly differing reasons, but ones that all seem to get back to an aversion to referencing an "end". You don't believe death is an end and so don't refer to it as such. Some others fear that it is and so hide that fear with euphemistic terminology. For me, I am OK with death being a final resting, an absolute end, but even if it's not that, it is still a fact that it is an end to this particular lifespan.

    All that aside, I am very sorry to hear about your recent losses. Your father and your cat were both blessed to be loved as much as they obviously were. You honour them with your words.

    My best to you and your family during this sorrowful time.


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    About damn time the Philadelphia Phillies are hitting. They are wasting good starting pitching.

    I don't like the fact that I have feelings for a married woman.

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    Thanks to each one of you, I honestly appreciate your words a great deal.

    Eileen, at least I know Dad will be cat-sitting in the skies It's hard as pets really get to be family members too hey?

    Betheny, I just realised that I actually already do that without even knowing it. Hey it really does help! Thanks, your posts could never fail to pick anyone up Mrs.

    Timaru, sorry to hear - that really was a rough year for you. Glad to hear that your Dad is fighting fit again. Thanks for reminding me about that fab song, I might finally get around to watching the Monty Python series that I know my Dad so appreciated.

    Tiger, thanks too for the wishes. My stance has wavered over the years to be fair, but I find that in the last 10 or so, I feel so certain. One thing that has solidified that has been the so-called 'symbolic ADC's' I feel we've been receiving from Dad. I know that you'll know how many Ancient civilisations felt that the butterfly represents the soul. My close family have all been consistently visited by white butterflies since Dad's funeral. Anyway, as I mentioned in another thread - I have been doing a bit of further reading. I made a video for Dad's remembrance service and I mentioned this phenomenon within that, as well as that of rainbows. When I contacted the guests to thank them for attending, each one of Dad's three best friends replied to say that they too had all been visited by them since that day, two of them even mentioning that they had never even seen a white butterfly before. There was also a huge rainbow across my ceiling on the morning of the service. I have never noticed such a thing before and I'm sure I would have done as I find rainbows so beautiful. Could this all be a coincidence? Sure, but I find it both comforting and fascinating

    Here are some accounts

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    Cherry, I just checked into this thread to bitch about a petty sunburn and saw you had lost two family members(yes, I believe pets to be family). I am so sorry for yor loss. I do believe they were meant to go together to comfort each other girl. Just know you will reunite one day girl. Again, my sympathy.


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    Just came in to bitch about this freaking pain I'm in...migraines suck...along with pain when I'm moving around...I'm tired...haven't gotten much sleep either... sorry about your heart goes out to you...

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    Ok, so I finally need to bitch 'bout something. This has been an ongoing thing for some time, like since being in this damned chair! My brother is separated and eventually going thru a divorce so we'll meet up at a sportsbar or restaurant. Several mos. ago we met up and met one of my best friends, his g/f and one of her g/f's (Lindsay). We all had a few beers, went to another sportsbar for a while. I remarked to my bud about Lindsay and how nice she was, yadda, yadda... I did get the chance to talk to her and find out a lot about her.. divorced and 2 kids.

    About 5-6 weeks ago I invited Lindsay and her kids down to the house.. along with a few others and had a cookout. We couldn't have had a better time. Her kids had a blast and keep asking when can they come back. I waited 4 days and called her to invite her again. She didn't know when and since hasn't called back.. no biggie.

    About a week later my brother came down to install a radio on the dock for me. He said after that we'd been invited to Tiffany's house for a cookout. She's a friend I went to HS with and she is also going thru a divorce and is getting to keep the lakehouse. So we cruised over in the boat and were sitting outside drinking a few beers and Tiff's neighbor Ginny walked over.. OMG, 'bout fell outta me chair. Of course with my typical flirtatious behavor I made it fairly obvious that I was fond of her.

    All of us went inside as the food was ready. After we ate we moved to the outside deck and drank a few more and told jokes and blah, blah... Me and Ginny sat side by side the whole rest of the time chatting it up and getting to know one another. She said we had a hospital in common. I thought she may be a nurse, therapist or something along those lines. Nope, she has MS and goes to Shepherd. She has no visible signs of anything as I checked her out, lol. She has an occassional numbness in her right hand but does have a total of 27 lesions on her brain and spine. I only knew 2 ppl. out of like 15 there, my bro and Tiff. Needless to say by the end of the night I felt very comfy with everyone. I promise to bring this full circle soon.

    The next day that whole group loaded up and came over to my house. A bunch of us were hanging out and they docked and came up. Ginny came over and sat beside me, propped her feet up on my legs and we talked for over an hour. Was hoping this may have sparked something but only to find out that she had started seeing this other guy that joined the cookout that she had just met the same night as myself.

    Fast forward to this past Sat. night. Me, my brother, sister, BIL and several others met at a friends sportsbar for a b'day party for a friend. We had a blast and Lindsay showed up... looking mighty fine I must say. She came over a few times and we talked and flirted. I talked to my brother yesterday and he said that after I left, Michalle, my best friends g/f, came over to him, hugging and hanging on him and was pretty drunk. Atleast she was when I left.. Michalle said to him, ''I need to find Lindsay a nice guy like you.'' Just so you know, my bro has been seeing someone for a month or 2 but all these girls, including Tiff, are all over him and texting him many times daily. I told him, ''I'm single damnit!!''

    My complaint is not towards my bro, obviously, but against this DAMN CHAIR!!! I read these threads where ppl. say it's about self confidence and self esteem. Trust me, I've got tons of both, atleast I did before Sat. night. There's no doubt in my mind that when a woman sees the chair and disability they see a huge dependant! Pre-SCI I have no doubt that I would've landed either or both girls, but now I guess I have no idea what it'll take. Oh well.

    Question: Should I ask Michalle about Lindsay and whether she'd actually go out 1 on 1? Seeing how I got skipped over and to my bro I'm not so sure..

    Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

    If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia

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    Thanks you two Sorry, just saw this. Hope the pain and the sunburn ease up for the weekend for you both.

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    Bisous * Cherry. Je ne plains rien comparer * la peine de la mort.

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