Thread: A Thread to bitch and complain?

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    bente here is a lady that has really impressed me.
    she had a stroke and is also a scientist who studies the brain, so she has some insight that is unique, and amazing.

    one cannot know at this point how your friend will recover. it may take a long time, this ladies recovery took eight years, but she did get to live to tell about it.

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    Hi Bente My grandmother lived with her stroke for 8 years

    I am sorry to hear about your friend I hope things get better
    Sincerely ; GL

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    The good:
    found a job finally
    hip seems to be staying de-ossified
    should be driving again next week

    The bad:
    9-5 in an office (no work from home)
    40-minute drive one way
    Spasms worse than ever
    Found a big round, hard red spot under my right ischium yesterday
    Nasty resistant bug in my bladder, need IV antibiotics
    Intractable nerve pain

    It's harder to work in an office all day than I was expecting. I've taken for granted the freedom to work from a couch or bed, or to take breaks when I need them.

    Also even though I've been on CC for four years, I have no idea what to do about this pressure spot, other than "keep all pressure off it". It's not broken open but it's pretty big, probably 3.5 cm wide.

    There was a time when starting a new job would have been an exciting thing, now it just feels like a struggle between work responsibilities and all the other crap I have to deal with. SCI wrecks everything.

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    You should take that wound issue to the Care Forum to get more opinion asap. You may very well have a sore that started from the inside and is working its way out. It does not sound good to me. If I were you, I would treat it as an emergency situation. I hope I am wrong.
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    Taking the kids out of town for a short one day trip and one invited a friend. When the water park was mentioned the parents said well he can go with you only if your daughter is there to watch him. ? I guess I wouldn't send my kid out with someone in a wheelchair either unless there was a responsible 14 year old around as well.....
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    wow, kinda kick in the pants.

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    Bente - is there any news about your friend?

    Lazlo - oh no, you can't be up all day on a sore like that! What are you going to do?

    addiesue - I hope you said that to the parents as well?

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    Keps, she has woken up but things is not so good. She can't talk and we have all sent a card and we were told to put a pic of ourself inside and write very little because she is frustrated when she can't understand. She was sent from the hospital in Oslo down to the south of Norway so I couldn't go visiting and her mother says she doesn't want any visitors.

    AddieSue, I die when I hear things like that. But people have asked me if my children would let me baby sit when I'll be a grandmother. Nobody is pregnant yet but after all those question I had to ask my daughter and she was looking at me in a surprised way and said why not. I don't think she understood why I asked.
    But people are strange, you have two children of your own, I don't understand what they are thinking. I let a quad friend baby sit my small boy when he was five, I didn't even think about it. And he has been together with a para friend of me more than once. She has been alone with her daughter since she was born. Stupid

    Anyway, I was in a big supermarket today and I got a flat. Haven't had a flat since I was in Nashville. And they don't know if they want to fix it because my chair is old and they condemned it yesterday. I have to call tomorrow because the bolt of the chair is destroyed so I can't get the wheel to catch either. So now I have one loose wheel and solid tires and without breaks. LOL, it usually takes months to get a new one, if I am lucky I can go to Invacare and get a new one in a few days. So I have been wheeling with a flat all day. It happened in a bike shop but they couldn't help me.

    Funny, I just found out last week that my chair was starting to be old and I felt something was wrong.
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    Broke my damn leg, and as usual, it was my own stupidity. I got a new Roho CF back, and tried to put it on while sitting on the side of my bed and working on the chair from there. I was tired, and once I had the old back off and the new one started, I was committed. Kept dropping nuts or bolts and that was making me frustrated. I finally got it attached, and the next day noticed that I couldn't do wheelies but just figured that I needed to adjust my CG. Turns out that I had put the back on too far forward by probably 2", and that was affecting the CG.

    It turns out that it was also putting a lost less of my butt where it belonged on the chair, and when I came down the ramp of my van, I was at a steep enough angle that the 1/2" drop at the end of the ramp was enough to get me sliding forward and I did a slow motion forward fall. I don't think that fall hurt me, and my wife helped me back in the chair. That night I had a School Board meeting, and when I got home I went down the ramp slowly and carefully, and you guessed it - another slomo fall, but this time I broke my left Tibia about 6" below my knee.

    Last night, I took both wheels of the chair, got flat sitting on the bed, and lowered the RSH by 1/2" and adjusted the back so I am sitting as far back as with the old fabric back. Problem solved...

    Had it x-rayed this morning, and it's just cracked, and the doc and I agreed that I would be extra careful for the next 6 to 8 weeks and re-check it. That's going to be most of my rowing season. Oh well, it could have been worse. the worst part is that after 18 years, I should know better.
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    So sorry to hear about your leg, and the possible loss of most of your rowing season. Take good care of yourself.

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