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Thread: A Thread to bitch and complain?

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    I read posts on carecure and occasionally post. Obviously, there is a lot of pain expressed. I feel for people here who are suffering.
    People who don't have paralysis can't really know what it is like. But, here people know. So I'm glad for that.

    Now, getting my own complaints off my chest:

    I go for weeks, sometimes, with pretty consistent bowel routines. But, then something goes out of kilter and I find myself with bloating, pain, constipation, accidents (where I have to get out of my clothes, shower if it's bad, start cleaning my clothes in the sink (then in the washer) and put new clothes on. This happens too often. The other thing is when my urine "collection system" malfunctions and I notice a smell or look down and see that my pants are soaked. Then I have to do the above routine along with putting on another condom catheter etc.

    Right now I'm having the bowel trouble. Along with that comes pain in my belly and my back. The pain feels like it's coming from below my level of (T7 complete) injury.

    I still have trouble accepting that I can't eat the way I used to. Also, I have to push myself to drink water during the day. So I try to do what it takes to keep my digestion working well.

    I'll go back to gluten free bread and see if wheat is a problem.

    Now I better do a push up to avoid pressure ulcers!

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    ...when I emit stank broccoli sharts getting in/out of my chair and can't get away. Damn you gastro-intestinal tract.

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