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Thread: Taking Titanium Rods out

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    Taking Titanium Rods out

    I am wanting to take these damn things out ASAP.
    I hear you should typically take them out 1 year after injury.
    But my surgion mentioned. At times you get denied from your insurance companies unless you have a good reason to have them taken out.
    What reasons did you guys have to get your rods taken out?

    Mine so far are pain, and bulging in my back which promotes pressure ulcers which i've already had.

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    Sounds like those are good enough reasons for me.


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    Based on those reasons was your surgeon willing to submit an authorization request to get them removed? PLG

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    I had my rods removed after 4 years due to stiffness and discomfort. I wasn't really having much pain, just a lot of lower back pressure. I was told that the vertebrae below the rods were starting to have problems due to the stiffness of my spine. Even though my spine was bone grafted at my injury site, once the rods were removed my back became less stiff. It has been 4 years since the rods were removed and I have not had any more problems with my back.

    Brian, T8 complete

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