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Thread: SSDI or SSI

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    SSDI or SSI

    How do I know which one I have? Does one pay more than the other? What's the difference between them?

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    SSDI and SSI are both administered by the SSA and have criteria based on disability and medical condition. SSDI is paid for by your social security taxes and you have to have worked a certain amount of time before you become disabled in order to qualify. The amount varies according to your social security taxable income. SSI is a different program and has stricter income and asset requirements than SSDI.

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    You can get both with a PASS plan.

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    How do you find out which one you do have?

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    go to.... it will tell you all you need to know, site is easy to navigate for answers

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    Call your local Social Security Dept. Google is a beautiful thingfor extra info. and tips.

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