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Thread: Breaking News: At least 20 dead in campus shootings

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    is very sad ,i just watched on the news...the security must be a major issue .
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    This is an odd story. Details have yet to be revealed. Two shooting incidents by the same person hours apart?!

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    Too many guns, too much anger.

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    what is this world coming to never mind over seas but here in our own country , this is no different than a suicide bomber killing people then killing thy self what's next ,we have to get our own country straight now and then worry about other countries , last I heard they say total may be up as high as 29 dead

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    This is terrible news.

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    Isn't it time to have a calm, rational conversation about guns?

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    "Deadliest shooting incident in US history" per CNN.

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    Our family is trying to locate my nephew, a senior in engineering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake
    Our family is trying to locate my nephew, a senior in engineering.
    So sorry, PM me with a name and I will see if anyone I know can find out. There is not anyone here that doesn't know someone in Blacksburg.
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