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Thread: full time pwc user -- how long?

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    Question full time pwc user -- how long?

    i am a ft pwc user due to ms. ms has weakened me so that i can't stand, bear weight, transfer, move my right leg or shift positions while seated. i also have lost a lot of upper body strength. i sit in this pwc for 13 hours or more each day.

    i have not been to rehab, even though my disease has quickly progressed to this point during the last 12 months. i am forced to just sort of 'wing it' as far as how to do stuff for myself.

    my question: is it ok to sit in this chair so long, especially in the same position? i have a tilt feature that i use often to tilt back, but is that enough?

    also, my right butt cheek has lost more muscle than the left one and it gets a numb feeling, even with tilting back. when this happens i lean forwrd for a couple of minutes. is there anything else i should do?

    thanks for any help you can provide.

    p.s. i have learned so much from this community. thank you all for sharing!

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    You will get pressure ulcers if you sit in the chair all day with out repositioning and/or wiehgt shifts, even with a great cushion.You should weught shift every 15-30 minutes.

    A two-three week inpatient rehabilitation stay &/or outpatient therapy has proven to behelpful in patients with MS. For therapy but also to get necessary equipment etc... There is a good program in Houston and several others around the country.

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    duplicate post, please ignore.

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