I can't believe this! They sent Michael home with detrol (already tried that) and Levsinex and he still leaks but only when he lays down. He has tried Ditropan oral and injected into bladder, and detrol. I am so mad because they won't give him anything else. The doctor told him it's "weird" that he only leaks when he sleeps. He thinks it is just when he sleeps and doesn't think it has to do with laying down?? They did an ultrasound and the bladder test (can't remember the name) and he can hold plenty. In the day he can go 4 hours without cathing.

This is just so frustrating. Even the urologist was no help. Kaisers only approved drug is Ditropan so it is a miracle they left him try detrol or the Levsinex.

Keep in mind he was an inpatient for the past 3 weeks and they didn't bother to try any other meds!! They sent him home with .375 Levsinex Detrol LA 4mg 1x daily.

We want to go to an outside doc and maybe try Enablex or Sanctura but are they all pretty much the same? Will it be a waste of money. I know your kidneys make more at night but his bladder should be able to hold more. He didn't drinka drop for 4 hours before he went to bed, cathed then leaked an hour and a half later.....