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Thread: Please help me fix my sideguards!

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    Show me one pic or two and i will give you some ideas how to fix easy if possible.

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    Check to see if you have some loose spokes on that wheel.
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    Yeah, per Sci55 go to bike shop and have wheel trued. Re side panels, I have used good quality allen wrench (very important to avoid destruction of screw head) - small one with right angle turn, then use small pipe that fits over end of wrench, about 8" long and use this to gain leverage to super tighten the single allen bolt. The problem is they only use one bolt on side panels but 2 on brakes. On the brakes, you can tighten one bolt, then the other, then the other and get really stable, tight brake. Not so on single bolt on side panels. I push against wrench to be sure it remains firmly seated in screw head while cranking on my 8" long pipe for leverage.

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    K, when I switch tires on my chair, to the "outdoor" heavy duty type I use when I am going to be wheeling offroad a lot, I have to move the wheels out further. And by "I", I mean "my hubby" lol. So the wheel is definitely adjustable on the axel. I am not sure exactly how it is done, but can check with him tonight.

    Occasionally, when he changes it, it is fine for a short time, then moves and starts rubbing the side guard. In which case, he has to re-adjust and tighten it up.

    BUT .... the fact that the wheel looks fine, and it doesn;t happen when you go forward, makes me think that this isn;t this issue. My wheel will actually look too close when this happens.
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    Thanks all again for the suggestions.
    I checked the spokes - they seem fine.

    I went to a bike shop. The guy said he had dealt with wheelchairs before. He tightened the axles. I stayed in the car while my bf took the chair in the shop. I made sure we had my old heavy wheelchair with us, in case something went wrong.
    Anyway, the axles were tightened. Obviously the bike shop guy felt this might be the problem. My bf brought the chair back to the car, and I was going to see if the wheel was better when we got to the supermarket we were going to do some shopping in.
    My bf put the wheels on my chair when we arrived at the supermarket. We were both dismayed and surprised when both wheels dropped off. Thank goodness I was not in the chair at the time. And thank goodness I had my old chair, so could still do the shopping (although this chair KILLED my back).
    Anyway, bf looked at axles at home, and loosened them, so now the wheels fit on again. Bike shop guy must have over tightened them.
    But the problem with the right wheel remains. And actually yesterday the wheel was touching the sideguard when I was rolling forward. But today it isn't touching going forward. Gah.
    I'm meant to be getting my new chair at the end of February, but wheelchair services (who are meant to be giving me £1485 towards the cost) have told me they currently have no funds. I HATE WHEELCHAIRS.

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    Sounds like your camber or toe in-out may be off. on the right side. Use a square to check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Sounds like your camber or toe in-out may be off. on the right side. Use a square to check.
    I don't know what a square is...or how to use it. *Gulp*
    But it sounds like you're suggesting a problem on the chair frame itself, rather than a problem with the wheel or sideguard, which I think is nearer what the problem is. Or actually is the problem.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get it checked out somehow.

    But, I heard that I'm going to get the funding for me new chair very soon. So I'm hoping this chair will hold out until the end of the next month (when I should get my new chair).

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    I'm glad it's not just me with this issue, mine crack, split and move all the time as I'm quite rough with my chair (it's been a bad boy! haha).

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    My side guards rub on my tires
    I will try re adjusting it once more before I throw the bloody side guards out the door

    Think i'll drill right into the frame and tap a good tread to firmly set the stupid guards

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    toe in may related to the frame, but camber only related to your camber maybe changing that will solve the issue.
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