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Thread: Teen activist loses battle with disease

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    Teen activist loses battle with disease

    I apologize, I dont know where to post this.. This boy was in Rutgers, I thought Dr Wise may want to read this.

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    Thanks for the post. Another fine young man, down. It would appear that he was a blessing to many in his short life.

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    Oh, no. I am so sorry to hear this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    Oh, no. I am so sorry to hear this.

    So am I. I had read several of his columns and I think that his family will find some of Gaylord Nelson's work on his computer.

    Goddess Bless and Goddess Keep


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    What a great young man he was. He will live on in the actions and hearts of all he touched with his maturity of thought and actions.

    We all including our government really NEED to support the efforts of Dr. Kerr and others.
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