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Thread: Rigid Frame wheelchair and Ezlock

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    Rigid Frame wheelchair and Ezlock

    I'm a physical therapist working with a patient with a c6 injury. He would like to order a rigid frame wheelchair but we are having difficulty figuring out a way for him to use the Ezlock system with a rigid chair.

    Does anyone have any advice on what manual wheelchairs (preferably rigid) work best with automatic locking systems? His current wheelchair choice is an Invacare A4 - does anyone know any locking system that works with this chair?

    Thanks so much!

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    I have an A4 with an ez lock. The company that modified my van fabbed up the bracket for my chair. But, I don't drive from the chair. It's just to keep it from moving around when I drive.

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    Certain wheelchairs like the Quickie ti cannot be used in conjunction with ezlock since there is not four points to mount the bracket to. You can go on ezlock's website (just google them) and I believe they have a list of chairs that are compatible with there system.

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    my lockdown is on a gpv...
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    Does it have to be the EZ Lock brand system? One of the girls here has another system on her chair and in her truck. She got it through Ryno Mobility. She can tell you how she likes the lock down and what chair she's using it with(I can't remember) Her screenname is Kristi.
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    my chair is quickie gpv rigdid frame and iam use the ez lock for my chair it works for me and i use it with my power chair to. I ride in my chair and have no problems with it.

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