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Thread: Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuxan
    A special needs trust should be written for 'extras'. It can actually be used to pay for anything it is written to pay for, but then the government might decide you don't need a SSI check anymore.

    This is why you need a lawyer to draw it up because it must be very carefully written.

    It should read that it can only be used for "extras" - that which is not essential for you to live. So it would not pay for a primary residence, but it could pay for a vacation home or a cruise. It would not pay for food, but it could pay for cooking classes or a social group that includes dinner out. It would not pay for physical therapy, but it could pay for a gym membership.

    Edited to add - the trust could own a house, but you can't use the money in a trust to buy yourself a house in your name. The house (or car or whatever) that is not an "extra" must be owned by the trust.

    We do not appear to be speaking about the same type of trusts. A true SPECIAL Needs Trust can provide and own an adapted van/vehicle. It is deemed medically necessary to get you to at least 1 medical appointment per year. This includes, doctor, PT, OT, rehab, etc.

    Special Needs trust may also cover medical supplies, PCA,medications, etc. The money is taxable.
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    I have attached a document from the Paralysis Resource Center that includes links to articles, organizations and sources for SNTF as well as Life Care Planning.
    Please remember, there are lots of types of trust funds. If you establish the wrong type of account, it will prevent the individual from qualifying for medical benifits through SSI and SSDI.
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