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Thread: ChinaSCINet location request--Dr. Young

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    ChinaSCINet location request--Dr. Young

    Dr. Young,

    Can you give me the hospital address or contact person in Guangzhou where it is part of your ChinaSCINet? I got a friend in China who has SCI and lives in Guangzhou but do not know where to ask for information. Thanks.


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    The two centers are Sun Yatsen Memorial Hospital and Nanfong Hospital. Treatment trials have not yet started. When we know when and where, we will post the information.


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    Whom's to contact,address,e-mail,phone?
    Matt , Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mee
    Whom's to contact,address,e-mail,phone?
    There is no information they can give and so there is no point in contacting them right now. When the trials are set and in place, I will post information. I don't think that it is a good idea for people to be calling the centers right now.


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    Thanks Dr. Young.That was fast!

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