Notwheels, your list of "SCI rehab Centers" in the USA is inaccurate and very outdated. Many of the sites listed have little or no expertise in SCI rehab. You also grouped together those programs providing acute rehabilitation, and post-acute rehabilitation. There is a major difference in what is provided in these programs. Newly injured folks should be going to an acute rehabilitation program first.

I would recommend listing ONLY the following facilities as specializing in SCI rehab in the USA:

Those designated currently as Model SCI System Centers. This changes every 3 years. Your list is outdated. There are currently 14 centers: (select the tab that says spinal cord injury). These centers are not necessarily the "most progressive". Their grant from NIDRR designates them as a Model System center for the purposes of generating research on SCI treatment and rehab, establishment of a model system from injury to follow up, and for training rehabilitation professionals in care of persons with SCI.

Those designated as SCI Centers for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You can find a list here: These centers are only available to eligible veterans or active duty members of the USA armed services.

Those who have been accredited as SCSC (Spinal Cord Systems of Care) under Medical Rehabilitation Programs by CARF (the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). You can do a search by state here: