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Thread: Is there a way to copy all my posts to a word doc?

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    Is there a way to copy all my posts to a word doc?

    I've posted so much here and on a parenting forum that its like a journal/diary and I'm worried one of those sites will get shut down and all my posts will be gone. Is there someway other than copying and pasting every post ( a hundred took my 2 hours!) to save them?

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    That is about the only way you can do it. Start now writing your posts in word and saving it every time you post. Just one ongoing word document of posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyrn
    That is about the only way you can do it. Start now writing your posts in word and saving it every time you post. Just one ongoing word document of posts.
    hi my first post here !

    You are absolutly right teyrn ...... this is just option for it..


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    fun times ahead then lol!

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    Have fun.. Make a game out of it..... yha.... Have fun.

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    There is a way to do it.

    First, do a search for all your posts. Make sure that you select posts rather than threads. This should give you a list of all the posts that you have made. I have set the search to list only 50 posts per page and you may have to go multiple pages.

    Second, use a program that downloads web sites for offline browsing. Such programs will download everything from a given URL address that you give it, up to a specified number of link depths. You need to give it at least 4 links deep because that would collect all the linked pages for the entire list.

    Here are some off-line browser programs for Windows: (Windows, commercial) (Windows/Linux/Unix, free) (Windows, 15-day free trial, $30) (Windows)

    Here are some programs for the Mac:
    Blue Crab 4.8.5

    Another possibility is to use your web browser to save (instead of copying and pasting). For example, safari has a plug in called Red Snapper that captures the exact web page, eliminating the need to cut and paste.

    There is an interesting program called "web assistant" which automatically and transparently builds a database of all pages that you visit. This way, even if you are not connected to internet, you can always have access to all web sites that you have posted. This way, all you have to do is to search for your own posts and then click on all of them and the program will automatically cache all the pages. If you then leave it on for then on, it should capture all your posts and surfing on CareCure.


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    After all of that, I guess that I have not answered your original question of whether your can put all your posts into a Word Document. I did not answer because I think that it is not a good idea to do so. Word is not a particularly good text database.

    Because CareCure Forum posts have links to internet and internal locations, you would lose all the connections and context of the posts if you were to just copy and paste your posts from CareCure web site into word. Word does not internal hyperlinking of texts but you have to do all this manually and that is probably more work than the copying and pasting.

    In the long run, as I understand it, what you really want is to be able to have a record of all your posts and related posts on internet. The best way to achieve this is to have a cache of all your surfing on carecure. That way, every page that you have looked at (including of course your own) would be there even if the site is no longer there.

    You can use some of these so-called offline browsing programs to create a snapshot of a current search list of all your posts. You can store this on a DVD somewhere for archival purposes. But, in terms of day to day use, you would want to use something like the internet assistant for caching all pages that you look at. The above of course assumes that you are doing all your browsing from one computer.

    I have been trying out an add-on extension from Google called Open Notebook. What this does is to create a copy any website that I am surfing and then placing it on the same server that Google uses to hold my gmail. It is convenient if you want to record a post of yours.

    The question that you ask is important because I know that many people have been writing probably more on carecure than they are writing anywhere. It is sort of like a blog of a community of 15,000 people with spinal cord injury. I was sick to my heart when Cando closed down in 2001 with all the contents of Spinewire.

    By the way, I offered $40,000 of my own money to the company to buy the contents from them but they refused. I would find very difficult to forgive the venture capitalists who made the decision to sell the database to somebody else for not much more. This is one of the reasons why I have been so protective of the CareCure database here. I don't want anybody else ever to own the database and, to the beset of my ability, will make sure that it is available to community.


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    THANK YOU WISE! I will try some of those suggestions/programs... Between posting here for 5 years and at a parenting site for 3 I have close to 7000 posts. I don't keep a journal but the posts are sort of like that.

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    Actually Dr Wise, straight copy and paste DOES paste the urls as working addresses.

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    Another question here. For instance when I search all posts by Em I only find the most recent 500. I know the others are there, but how to get them to show up?
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