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Thread: battery problem

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    battery problem

    so finally i got two new batteries for my power chair.its 12 v 24AH.
    It actually require 30ah but they were not available.

    now the problem is that they do not fit correctly in battery boxes of my chair.
    these batteries are wht i should say horizental.but in that position itdo not com in the i have kept them in vertical positon in the boxes.the batteris are dry.

    now myquestin is that is there any kind of risk for the batteries by keeping them insidewise position????????

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    your batteries should be ok if they are still upright.
    make sure they are not bouncing around.
    Try and get different power cables so they will fit in the battery box correctly

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    are you saying you need to stand them on their side/end?

    This is a bad idea as the batteries have "cells" inside them and whatever conductive material is inside needs to be evenly disributed throughout...

    also, your batteries are not powerful enough for your chair, they will drain frequntly & you may not get full power out of your chair.
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