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Thread: How do I switch to an evening BR?

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    How do I switch to an evening BR?

    An evening BR would work better with my life, if it was at 8:30 or so (plus the TV shows are better LOL). How would I switch to this? What can i eat that's hot to get things started?

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    Emi- in order to change your program, you will need to change a few things. If you take any bowel stimulating meds, change the time so it is working when you want to do the program. Do your regular bowel program at the time you want it. As it will take your body awhile (maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks) to get used to evacuating in the evening, do a rectal check/sit on the toilet and bear down to get rid of any stool that is ready to come out in the am. You don't want to do any extra stimulaton in the am, just prevent accidents. In terms of something hot to get things started some folks use coffee.


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    wouldn't recommend coffee a night

    some herbal tea maybe better

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    You might look for some sleepytime tea.. You can find it at most grocery stores. It is an easy hot alternative to something that would keep you awake. It doesn't knock you out or anything, but is relaxing. I think it is yummy with some honey in it.

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    Hi Emi,

    I've changed my routine several times and it really wasn't difficult at all. I like nights a lot better, too, but if, on occassion, I've needed to adjust for circumstances, I've never had a problem. I think the idea of changing and what COULD occur were the worst part, but nothing ever went completely awry.

    I drink coffee to get things going. My routine, including shower, takes about 1-1/2 hrs, so by the time I'm done, 1 cup of coffee doesn't do much to keep me awake.

    But of course, everyones different. Good luck.

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