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Thread: Accessible House Ideas - Help, Please!

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    TR it turned out great!

    Jean, in my kitchen EVERYONE uses a chair to cook! It's a little empathy training in the kitchen! I have a rolling office chair for them to use
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423
    I really like that pantry cabinet. We are in the process of redoing my kitchen, and I would like to incofrporate something like that if we have the space.
    The cabinet maker used Rev-A-Shelf for the pantries. The style we used is the best I've seen to allow for shorter people and wheelchair users to be able to reach everything on the shelves. You can reach in from both sides and the slideout feature lets you reach things at the back that you might not be able to in standard shelves.

    What did you do in the corners? We are planning a corner cabinet with a turntable, I hope it will do what we need.
    We don't really have any corners. It's a galley kitchen, long and skinny with countertops on two sides. The pullout pantries are at one end and at the opposite end there are drawers on one side and the dishwasher on the other. All the cabinets in the middle have pull out shelves.

    (I can;t convince my husband that he is going to HATE working at that height, he even wanted to lower ALL the counters.)
    There really isn't a lot of countertop space in our kitchen so figuring out if we should lower anything was tough for us. My husband is almost six feet tall and does most of the cooking. He's got a bad back too, so leaning too much isn't good for him. I'm used to using the dining room table for prep work, but just last night we were talking about some ideas for adding some kind of moveable, temporary counter space in the kitchen. They would function like the pullout cutting boards. If we end up doing something, I'll post pics.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    Absolutely gorgeous TR! I love, love, love the colour of the cabinets in the bathroom with that tile floor. I like lighter woods than the darker ones but the darker wood in the kitchen looks brilliant with the green walls. I'm currently trying to find a satisfying colour between clay and green myself.
    Thank you, thank you! The cabinets in the bathroom are maple. I was really surprised at how beautiful they turned out. I thought our bedroom furniture was maple or at least a sort of natural maple colour. Boy was I wrong! The bathroom cabinets are much, much prettier than our bedroom furniture.

    Good luck picking your colours. What a pain! It sounded like fun to pick paint colours, but when it came down to it, it felt like a huge responsibility. What if we picked the wrong colours? What if people thought they were ugly? What if they made the rooms look tiny? What if, what if??

    The kitchen looks a tight fit - but maybe that was the camera angle. I know I whip around from stove to sink which are opposite each other when cooking and I love the fact that I can turn 360 degrees without being too careful - while balancing a cutting board or pot/dish on my lap.
    The kitchen's definitely not big, but it's not tiny to move around in either. I can easily spin around in circles in the middle of the room. It will be cozy with more than one person working in there, but functionally it's still such a huge improvement over the kitchen I've had for years that I think it'll be fine.

    And hey, you're in California - perhaps you can find Curtis Stone from Take Home Chef to cook for you and your husband .. lol.
    That would be fun! But does he only pick women in grocery stores to work with? 'Cause my husband has been doing most of the grocery shopping lately.


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    Thanks for the pantry link, it may come in handy. We need something in the corner, as our kitchen is basically an L. We are lowering the stove and sink, as well as the corner counter in between. The rest will be high. I am also getting a cutting board that fits over the sink, which will give me another work space, but I too have been using the kitchen table to work at. We have a pull out cutting board now, that I want to keep after the renovation is finished as well. I am also thinking of a rolling cart .... it would help me move things from counter to table, and be an additional workspace. I am not sure we have the room to make it worthwhile tho.

    Good luck with the new house ..... it looks great.
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    i had my breaker box and gas/water main shutoffs lowered so i could get to them easy. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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