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Thread: Master's School funding ..scholorships ...?

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    Liz & Aly,

    How did you get them to pay for anything...? How did you convince them that MA school was a necessary expense, and since I won't require room/board since we will have to comute, and I don't require PCA care, but could use the help for books at least how do I get them to understand ?

    So frustrating...I'll start the calls again tommorow and see if they'll even meet with me.


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    Check this thread I found the link to the ELA a while back, although I don;t know anything about it. The ELA provides scholarships for disabled women specifically going for a graduate degree.
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    i received an ELA scholarship during my grad school; it's a fairly easy application and the award is $1000-2000. i'd say go for it.
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    Thanks Sjean & starlight Angel. I definately will check out ELA--I'll e-mail them since i'm not enrolled in graduate school yet --not till fall, it looks like they don't give schlorships until you've been in school for a semester or so. Hopefully they'll give me an answer but definately worth the try. Thanks Again

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    repeat the mantra over an over In order to be substantially employed I require a MA. Show them that your professional peers need MA's as well.

    I needed...van conversions, a bathroom redo PCA help (in college not at home) in order to be substantially employed
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    I had a friend in California who got it paid by VR. He went to school after getting injured. He didn't even have a high school diploma when he started.

    Anyway, VR paid not only for his bachelors, but for his masters, also. His major concentration is social service work. I believe he was recently hired by a community college as their disabled resources counselor.

    I think it depends on what field you're in. For him, they figured with just a BA he wouldn't be able to find much work.

    Just a guess.
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