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Thread: Hyperextension

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    Thanks Ortho!

    I'll see if he can make that adjustment, for some reason my current plastic kafo can clear with minor dorsi assit, but for this townsend kafo, it needs massive Dorsi assist to clear without dragging which like you said is keeping me from locking out my knee.

    Maybe there is a special type of foot joint that will spring up in plantar flextion when i'm going to take a step but on heel strike allow it to be at the netural postion.

    The way the new brace is alternating my gait and how the pressure is being spread on the front of my foot instead of on my heel is causing my tone to kick in which is causing my heel to pick up and my foot to planterflex. My foot can go into the netural position fine.
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    Mr Coffee, With that type of Ankle joint there is a plastic attachement that can be placed on the front and rubber bands added for a Dorsi assist. It's black and may already be on the joint. Otherwise the joint will just appear metal.

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    Att Ortho

    Ortho Guy,
    Thanks for the very informative advice !!!!


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