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Thread: Local anaesthesia

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    Local anaesthesia

    I'm a Th6-Th8 complete and I need to have orchiectomy (removing of one of the testicles) because of chronic inflammation.

    I'm a bit afraid of general anaesthesia, so I asked the surgeon to use local or spinal anaesthesia. He says this isn't a problem, he can use local anaesthesia.

    But how about AD and/or spasms?

    Who had local anaesthesia and what was your experience with it?

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    While the anesthesia is in effect, you shouldn'[t have problems with Ad. After it wears off, you need to follow his instructions and take your blood pressure and if you have any sumptoms or blood pressure starts to rise, then you should take a pain pill.


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    SCI nurse. I know this is a silly question but from your response, I know that ad isn't a problem with local anesthesia but how about with general anesthesia? If you are having bladder, rectum or back surgery with general should you also have a spinal. Sorry if your answer would be redundant. Thanks.

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    General anesthesia is the same. It blocks the input to the brain and back when totally under. Be sur eto take information on AD with you & give it to the nurses to put on your chart.


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    Maybe have a friend mark the correct tecticle that needs removing. I believe a doc made a booboo somewhere recently and snatched the wrong one.
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