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Thread: Need Help on Recent Injury and Hospital and Doctor Quality Decision

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    Hello Cheesecake!
    This is Joanie Loch, back in Ft Wayne. Communication with Dustin is still very difficult because of the vent so we took the questions we thought most concerned him - age of patients, activities, focus on school, and asked him the importance of some of those things. He's always been very social and active, and Dustin and his Mom both thought that Sheperd was the facility that would give Dustin the best opportunities to be very active after his return home. Age was probably the question that got the most emphatic yesses (eye blinks). As far as the facility, several people were doing online research for us and all said that this facility had the top equipment, and the team approach for the staff was appreciated as well.
    There is a great deal of confidence in Sheperd, and I'm looking forward to visiting Dustin there!

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    Hi Joanie~
    Glad you made it home safely. Rest and recharge. As anyone on the boards will tell you, rehab is tough. Let Dustin set his goals and focus so he can GO FORWARD. His family is lucky to have sch support.

    Time to start a new thread without the frown!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Hello. I have been reading about Dustin and I am pretty new to this site. My son is a C2 on a vent. He was injured a little over a year ago and he is a senior this year also. We live in Evansville, Indiana. The best choice in Shepherd. They probably have the best care and family training for new SCI's. My son lives at home with us and that is all due to Shepherd. After his stay at Shepherd, there is also another fantastic place for the intensive rehab that will come after Shepherd, it is Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. Seems far away to be thinking about it but its not. They are very aggresive and best if you get inpatient status. If Dustin's family wants more info, you or they can email me

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