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    Yesterday a bunch of friends and I got out on the water in kayaks. "First times" are always memorable, and I will never forget my face almost falling off from smiling when I was launched into the water.

    It was way easier than I thought transferring (nearly unaided) into the kayak. I put my legs in first, then transferred onto the kayak and slid in. Another person slid the boat into the lake...then absolute freedom! We paddled 6+ miles, toured the arboretum and had a blast on the water. When you are paddling, you forget about your legs and have the same ability as everyone else. I highly recommend it to everyone, it felt great to pass out last night from exercise.

    (picture of my friend nathan)

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    Awesome, Al!
    I've thought about this too once my left side comes around...maybe go tandem and have the other person do all the work. Keep it up!
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    Good times, eh?

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    I envy you.

    Kayaking was the next sport I was going to take up before my accident because I live in the perfect country to do it in.
    The when I was in rehab in Vancouver in 2005, a kajak crazy friend of mine who volunteers for a disabled kajaking organization in Van. wanted to get me into kajaking right away, but I was scared then. Went for disabled sailing instead. (Around English Bay and Burrard Inlet).

    But now I am ready to try kajaking. I'll start on the lakes that are scattered all around my town.
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    The "pre-jitters" are a normal, healthy part of living. There was hardly a mountain we would head off to, laden with ropes and racks of gear that I would wonder what/why in the heck I was getting myself into. Same with kayaking, I imagined the boat rolling upside down and drowning, making a scene of myself getting in and out, etc... all unfounded anxiety. There is a guy at the launch in a chair who does it all himself, drags his own kayak, gets in/out, he's the man.

    I went tandem, will go solo next time. It was nice to have a backup paddler, but the boats are heavier and more cumbersome. The paddle stroke is similar to doing the breast stroke, so if you can pull with your back muscles, give it a go. I can easily think of some adaptive measures if your grip isn't there.

    The best part is the freedom and equality in the water. Whether you think of it or not, not having a chair to deal with is awesome. We even made it to a little beach and with some help, I transferred onto a log and was just able to sit and chill with my friends, no chair in sight. Must have triggered something as I had walking dreams alll night...

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