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Thread: How much medicine do you take for bladder spasms?

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    How much medicine do you take for bladder spasms?

    Recently I've noticed increased bladder spasms. I've taken the same medicines for about 21 years with the exception of 1 increase about 4 years ago. I take valium and baclofen (10 mg of 1 and 5 mgs of the other-not sure which one is which). I increased from 3x a day to 4x daily about 4 years ago. I'm wondering if I should ask about increasing these. I'm having more spasms and increased pain in my abdomin and lower back areas. I just finished a round of gentamycin and had some stones crushed too, so I don't think it's a UTI. Any thoughts? How much meds is everybody taking?

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    10 mg ditrpoan xl

    for a time i was taking both detrol LA and the ditropan as I was sweating so much. Then I cut back to just the ditropan.

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    I take two 10 mg detrol la two times a day.I use to take ditropan but i would still have accidents untill I switched to detrol.

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    Detrol LA. once a day.

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    My husband has had three regimens in this first year post-injury. First he was on 10 mg Detrol LA in the am and 4 mg oxybutynin in the pm before bed. Then he went to 30 mg ditropan XL once in the am, but it really dried him out bad. Then he had the Botox treatment, and now he isn't taking any is working and he is much more comfortable and completely dry for a change!

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    Neither Valium or Baclofen does anything for bladder spasms? How do you manage your bladder. Have you had recent urodynamics? Have you had tests for stones or other complications that could increase your bladder spasms.

    Medications for bladder spasms and high pressures include Ditropan and Detrol (both come in regular or extended release forms) as well as tricyclic antidepressants. Botox is an option for some who do intermittent cath.


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    A lot.

    15 Ditropan XL PLUS 5 Oxybutin in the AM

    Then a 10 XL around 2 PM with another 5 Oxy
    at um 5 or so.


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    im on 4mg of detrol once a day, and for some reason my bladder is being a dick today.

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