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Thread: new suprapubic cath

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    new suprapubic cath

    I just had a supra pubic catheter placed on April 2nd 2007, I have a few questions about it.

    1. what is the best way to clean the area since every time I use unscented soap I still get irritation?

    2. I can still urinate out of my bladder normally and get feelings that I need to urinate, does this mean the catheter is too small? the catheter is 16 fr. the site isnt leaking just ozzing alittle which the doctor said is normal and the dischage looks normal and the tubing isnt kinked.

    3. I am still getting burning pains around the site, and sometimes getting throbbing and pressure type pains in my pelvic area/bladder how long does this usually last after surgery? it has given me problems sitting in my chair and getting in and out of bed, I still have to sleep on my back the pain is so bad, and I still cant sleep on my sides which is the most comfortable. I have also had to start taking medicine for the spasms oyxbutynin, my pain medicines sometimes doesn't cover the pain, I have tried a warm pad on my pelvic area but it sometimes doesn't help. I have been told I cant take baths for 2 weeks but I can shower which is hard for me since its so painful to move.

    I have called my urologist about the pains and he is clueless?!
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    What do you use to bathe with? You can use any gentle skin cleaner, gel or soap to clean around the stoma. Avoid using antiseptics like Betadine. If it is raw, a little Neosporin ointment is fine.

    If you are leaking, you need to be taking anticholenergic medications (Ditropan, Detrol, etc.). Were you taking these before the surgery? Also, be sure that the catheter is not clogged with cellular debris, clots, or sediment. Regular irrigation to prevent clogging may be indicated for the next few weeks, as it is important to avoid any need to change the catheter (even by the urologist). Only a urologist should change it for at least 4-6 weeks post-op.

    A larger catheter is not indicated at this time. When you have your first change by the urologist, they will probably put in an 18 Fr. at that time, and some go as high as 24 Fr. eventually. A larger catheter will also stimulate more bladder spasms though, so it is better to control leaking by the use of anticholenergic meds.

    You have had a surgical procedure. You should be getting post-op pain medications just as anyone would after surgery. What are you taking? Did your urologist prescribe anything for you? Are you getting AD too? If the bladder spasms are severe, ask your urologist for a short term (several days only) prescription for B&O suppositories.


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    I had been using bar soap around the stoma, its a little raw so I have been trying to air dry it with a little Neosporin. its not just leaking but also getting the feeling I need to urinate constantly,even though I have the catheter draining my doctor persribed Oxybutynin for spasms, and have just started taking this because when I had the foley catheter it wasnt leaking. I have checked the catheter and it doesnt seem to have any build up. I was given vicoden for pain, and still have sometimes where the pain is really bad even when taking pain meds, I have no signs of AD that I can tell. Im also taking 5 day antibotics. thank you for the quick reply.
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    This is still fairly new for you and it sounds like your body is still tryin to reject the new tube in your body. I would give it a few more days if not a week for your body to adapt. Hope everything gets better for ya.

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    thank you GotWheels, it's funny because I had a foley catheter in for a year and never had problems with my body trying to reject it inless I had an infection. I am hoping things will only get better, the supra pubic catheter is great so far except for the pain
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    Hey everyone just thought I would update everyone that I am doing a little better each day, I was wondering I have stitches where my stoma site is are these permanent till I get the supra pubic Catheter out? and also are there other type of bags other then the leg bags out there that are suitable for a plus sized woman? I've been looking at something called the Ruash belly bag I think its called. does anyone have any experiences with this bag type or if it can be used with bigger people? I find it hard to empty the leg bag without help and would like something to give me a little more Independence.
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    Hi, Angeleyes22. I just had this procedure done in March, so I'm a few weeks ahead of you in the recovery process. You'll find it gets easier to manage week by week. The stitches will dissolve on their own, as well, if they're the same as mine.

    Legbags: I use Convene brand legbags. I found them the easist to manage and drain with my limited hand function. There are many varieties available to you, though, so if one is uncomfortable, keep looking until you find one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

    Good luck
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    I have a quick question for you since I will be undergoing this procedure soon along with a sling in my urethra. is there leakage around the suprapubic tube or is there also leakage out the normal way through the urethra. The reason I ask is because i am already having a problem with leakage with an indwelling foley catheter and if I am still going to leak after the suprapubic tube in the same manner, I wonder if I should get a second opinion because if I am going to have the same problem why go through a surgery. Also I was hoping not to feel the post op pain? What is your level of injury? Thanks,

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    I am having this done on thurs do they give u a leg bag

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    Hello "Sheba,"
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community.

    My supra pubic (SP) placement was done at a hospital out patient facility. I woke up from the anesthesia with the catheter and the leg bag in place. The leg bag was supplied by the hospital, but it was of a very temporary quality. It was small, only held 500cc and was secured with elastic band and plastic button straps. Weeks before I had the procedure, I contacted several manufacturers and asked them to send me samples of leg bags in which I had an interest. I had three or four sample leg bags at home and changed to one of the sample bags when I got home. I also had a night collection bag at home to use when I went to bed.

    All the best,

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