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Thread: Would you get the Charger or the Mustang?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bspill1
    Most of the Mustangs are pretty lame anyway. Just like back in the day. You've got to have the Boss, Shelby, Saleen etc.. The rest look like rental cars.
    Yeah, who would want some "lame" rental car anyway?


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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    Give me a break C.
    Back atcha, dude. I was kidding.


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    Hold the phone!!!

    I just saw a pontiac GTO.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    It's rear wheel also.

    They are going to need to show me they have good stabilization.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Senior Member JCAT's Avatar
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    I am kinda sorta in the market for a new vehicle, I've been looking
    via internet. No other vechicle strikes me hard then the 2001 mustang.
    (attached picture) Perfect...even the color, it's simple but yet elegant (like me)

    I could rush out and buy one tomorrow but I need to put all the issues in
    a perspective manner such as payment, gas, insurance, monthly up-keep.
    Sure, I can afford it now only because I work two jobs, but I don't want
    to work two jobs for 4 years just for a car. . So, as of now
    I just got to wait a little bit longer a little bit harder and
    hopefully by the end of the year I will have my vehicle of choose.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing
    Yeah, who would want some "lame" rental car anyway?
    Damn it, don’t show this. I would not hesitate one second to rent one of them Hertz cars. I really have to buy myself a vintage muscle car, of course a Mustang. Have been thinking about it for years. I’m really tired of just deriving this mid size SUV I have, and my garage has plenty space for another car

    Joe. You have to be aware of torque steer for some high power front-wheel drive cars which can give the tendency to pull to the left or right under hard acceleration. Some rear-wheel drive cars are also pretty good on winter conditions, like some BMW’s, much important the tires equipped on the car as well. Good luck on the car hunt, wish cars was as cheep here as in the US. For some of the cars listed above here you can get a house for the price of it if the car was bought here, damn it again.

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    Leif from Norway...

    OMG...A mustang car cost as much as a house in Norway?
    I thought califorinia was expensive....
    The car I posted will cost around $ 7,100.00 the average home may
    start around $350,000.00 that is a hugh difference....

    Out of curiosity how much is a home in Norway?


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    I'd go for the Mustang, Joe, but then, my first car love was a '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback. Sweet ride.

    I've been partial to Mustangs, not necessarily Fords, since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    I wonder which is more wheelchair friendly?

    I hate rear-drive cars and the Charger offers all-wheel.
    But the six cylinder stang is like $22,000 the charger is like 10k more!!!

    All this is conjecture seeing as I would need to get my fat ass
    in a manual full time of course.

    Why is everything else neutered?
    The 07 Mustang is sweet besides who would want to drive a dodge
    Tough Times Don't Last...Tough People Do!

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    Getting a 4 door with a wheelchair in tow is kind of retarded. You picked Mustang and GTO...I'd say Mustang with the GTO slightly behind...ok a little more than that behind. Mustang works good with a chair, GTO needs the door hinge stops ground down some as they dont open much (forward transfer issues). But GTO has a much better motor (make sure the struts have been changed though, 06 GTO pretty much all of them blew within 1K miles...Pontiac took only like a year to issue a recall. Mustang...seems ok performance-wise, but it is a Ford . I'm sure others will soon confirm my opinion of Fords as well.

    Traction control should be ok, nowadays traction control also modulates the gas in addition to the brakes, so it seems more effective. Comparing a FWD brake only TC and FWD brake and gas TC I did notice a measurable difference in ability to handle snow. I'm sure RWD might actually be able to pass in winter now, buy one and let us know!

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