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Thread: Rash on Thigh

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    Rash on Thigh

    I have a rash on my upper thigh area.The rash is in the groind area on both the thigh. There is no iching or pain of any sort. Can you help me identify what the problem could be.

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    Have you tried using an anti-fungal cream?
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    Bibsy, are you male or female? How do you manage your bladder? Do you have a SCI?

    Yeast infections in the groin area are common in people with SCI, esp. in men. Moisture, combined with poor airflow and being in a seated position all the time, with the area kept warm, dark and moist promotes the growth of yeast.

    For prevention and treatment, wash the area with gentle soap and water twice daily. Then lay on your back with your legs "frogged" for at least 1 hour (without pants on). Some here recommend drying with a hair dryer. If you do this be sure it is on a cool setting.

    Then apply an antifungal cream (those commonly used for athlete's foot are good). Continue this application for at least a week after the skin looks normal. If it does not improve in 7-10 days, then see your physician.


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    I've been prescribed anti-fungal liquid, powder, and cream over the years. The best thing that I've found is the stuff you can buy over-the-counter in an aerosol can. I think I have some Tinactin in the closet. That along with drying the area out with a small fan works wonders for me.

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