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Thread: Difficulty breathing

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    Difficulty breathing

    I'm out of breath all the time, and I've been having some dizzy spells lately. Should I be seeing my GP about this, or do I need to go to my rehab doc and get my lung capacity checked out cuz of scoliosis? It feels like I can't get enough air into my lungs. I tend to stretch out on my stomach alot, just so I can breathe properly.

    I'm not an unhealthy person. I'm pretty active and I take care of myself. It sucks that I'm an athlete and yet I feel like this.

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    Obviously something isn't right there. I definitely would go get this checked. I don't like the fact you are having dizzy spells either. Get this checked ASAP.

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    You most deffinately need to see your Dr. and let them know you are having problems, sound's like with the being dizzy you may not be getting enough oxygen Take care!!!!!!!!

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    Hey Globe,

    I just had a sleep study and although I haven't gotten the results back, the pulmonary tech. said my lungs were functioning at 50% capacity. I have sleep apnea and the sleep study doc thought, among other things, that it could be related to my scoliosis. Definitely get it checked out. Do you tire easily or is it just the breathing that's the problem?

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    First you need a complete check-up by your GP, who should be able to order you pulmonary function studies as well if indicated. There are other conditions such as anemia or low thyroid that could cause symptoms such as you describe too, and they need to be ruled out. Don't delay!


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    Definitely go visit GP. I had those problems when I was released from the hospital initially and I used an abdominal binder to help.

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    I know. I know. This topic is almost a month old. I'm just catching up now.

    Anyway, I had similar problems a while ago. As it turns out, I was anemic. A simple blood test can check this out.

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    i get dizzy and out of breath somtimes. dizzy from blood pressure being low after i eat. a lot of times when i first get up in the morning, it's hard to breath. i was in the hospital a couple weeks ago and my heart rate was between 100-120...all they did was say i was dehydrated, which was not true--my urine was perfectly clear. they did all the little tests and basically found nothing.

    is it normal to have a heartrate this high? i thought 60-100 was normal. this causes me to be out of breath sometimes. im not out of shape--stand everyday, exercise about 3-5x a week, eat healthy, take my vitamins, weight stable (definately not overweight), etc. the only meds i take are ditropan/imiprimine for my bladder. does this heart rate sound normal for a c6-7 level of injury?

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