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Thread: Twin Brother, Ski injury SCI, Trauma, help?

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    It is critical that he get moved ASAP to an appropriate SCI center. This should take days...not weeks, and may require he be flown to a center in Europe or the UK. Don't let him languish in Dubai. I doubt that they have a SCI center there...most of the Arab countries send their citizens abroad for this care.

    Did he have surgery to stabilize his back? Is he in a back brace of some kind? Ask them for his current ASIA score. This can be done even while still in spinal shock if they know what they are doing.

    I would not also assume that he is having the appropriate care to prevent pressure ulcers. They can happen very quickly unless he gets expert SCI nursing care. You may need to go sooner, or his girlfriend is or your parents need to take on a more aggressive stance and learn when needs to be done, and insist that is it done NOW.

    Reassure him that in a good SCI center he will learn how to manage his bowel and bladder and will no have accidents any more with their guideance, even if he does not get return in this area.


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    Welcome ... I do not have much advice to offer as my husband has been paralyzed for 19 years and I only met him 3 years ago, but I do want to offer a sad welcome. As we always say, we're very sorry for the reason you're here, but so glad you found us since you have that reason.

    I lived in Aberdeen for a year quite some time ago - big oil business there obviously.

    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    SCI Nurse.

    We have been assured that they have appropriate spinal and nuero phsyios. parents are there, unsure on their training on bladder control etc.
    doctors say it is far too early to disgonis condition as only been a 9 days since injury.

    yes he has had pins put into back to stablize, with internal brace for extra support, plus the chest mould to support back whilst it gets better.

    by your statement you cause me concern, moving out of dubai?!
    your thoughts are what my mum had/what we (dad & bro GF) went against, to keep him there. but i called glasgow spinal unity (spoke to consultants, who confirmed with clinical director and collegues) that it was best your going to get, given specilist nature of injury, size of hospital and location. how long ago are you basing your judgement on? (out of interest)

    NHS (uk) is public run, always overstretched and although closer to home, always short on money.

    hospital address is (bupa registered)
    is there any way you can tell (standards etc) if it is suitable for him.
    it is a brand new, small specilist hospital with expereinced staff brought in from surrounding countries. (switzerland phsyios, middle eastern surgeons etc) I dont know where they have been trained.

    is there anything that you could do, Ie: contact them to reassure me that it is a suitable enviroment?

    spine is in truma I think, and nerve has had a contusion (bruising) to it. hence recover had a blind outcome. (could walk again, maybe not)

    thanks for your input, it is really appreciated.


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    I think the docter is confident that he can begin his rehab as we speak.
    so he was getting used to getting in and out a wheelchair yesterday, and was dizzy etc. prob bec been lying on inclined bed all week.

    im a bit concerned about your move out of dubai statement, can you reassure me a bit?

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    Is the unit CARF accredited as a SCSC (spinal cord system of care)?

    Are the physicians both board certified in physiatry (physical medical and rehabilitation) and Spinal Cord Medicine? It concerns me that he has not had an ASIA done. This should have been done in the ER, and then at least weekly for the first month, then monthly for 6 months, then annually. It is NOT too early to do this. Not only does it identify the injury now, it helps to track return if it does return.

    Are the nurses (at least most of them) CRRNs (certified rehabilitation registered nurses)?

    Have you seen their outcome data? A CARF accredited facility is required to provide this to you when requested.

    How may SCI patients do they treat annually? 30 is the minimum to maintain staff competency.

    I can't evaluate their quality from a website. If you want him to stay there for some reason, certainly that is your right. After he comes home, you will need to get him into the SCI care system there, as he will need ongoing expert SCI care for the rest of his life.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeb22
    I think the docter is confident that he can begin his rehab as we speak.
    so he was getting used to getting in and out a wheelchair yesterday, and was dizzy etc. prob bec been lying on inclined bed all week.

    im a bit concerned about your move out of dubai statement, can you reassure me a bit?
    Your decision here can be pretty objective. Go over KLD's (SCI-Nurse's) questions with someone at the hospital and get some factual answers. You should be matter-of-fact about the questions and make sure the answers are based on facts they can back up. As an engineer you brother should buy into this approach as well. If he doesn't stay in Dubai you've got the questions for the next potential place.
    Good luck and I hope everything goes well,

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    From my review of their website, this is a hospital that specializes in spinal surgery, but not much in rehabilitation. There are no rehabilitation physician specialists (physiatrists) or nurses listed. Therapy is only 6 days per week (in the USA, the standard now is for 7 days per week). They discourage you from wearing street clothes. There is no indication that there is much formal or informal education about spinal cord injury provided by the team. No mention of psychology or vocational rehabilitation services. The model is definitely medical, not rehabilitatilon. If he stays there, he will probably need to do another inpatient rehab stay once he gets home in order to be functioning at his highest level, and educated about how to maintain his health. (KLD)

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