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    Internet Game

    I found a game that anyone can play. You build a nation, decide government
    type, trades, sanctions and Alliance affiliation like N.A.T.O. Play right from your browser, no downloads. You can play 5 min a day or if you enjoy politics, all day. Checkout

    It doesn't take hardly any mobility, so its great for quads. If you join look me up, I'm on the G.G.A. Green Team

    If you join, hollar
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    I love chess. I play it all the time now that I am retired. I play on A great site for chess playing on the net, unless you are into blitz, which I play lots too.

    Challenge me on My ID is the same as here. bohinky.

    I have set up a non-profit to teach kids in rehab centers, etc to play chess and go to tournaments.

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