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Thread: Best non-roho pressure cushion?

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    i have one of those new roho's....the only prob i've had with it is that it keeps my knees very close to touching, which really crowds my gear...i went back to my old reg roho in my chair and use the new one in the van where due to space, its important to keep my knees together.....

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    I use a 3" Star Cushion with the "star-lock" feature. A little hard to set up at first, but way better than my 'gel' cushion.
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    I tried a ride designs cushion at a seating clinic I went to yesterday, and let me tell you these things are amazing as far as posture goes. They claim that they are the best for people at high risk for skin breakdown, but they are extremely expensive... somewhere in the neighborhood of $1400-$1500, but they are custom-made
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    I really like the Jay Active cushion, because the gel conforms very well to your bottom to reduce pressure sores. My friend owns a Supraco Contoured cushion and really likes it.


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