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Thread: adaptive golf equipment

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    adaptive golf equipment

    Does anyone know of any adaptive gold equipment that would help me hold a golf club so I can swing it? I am a c5/c6 quad and haven't golfed since before I was injured(8 years ago). I have good arm movement and good range of motion. I tried a couple of different universal cuffs but they didn't work well. Any suggestions?

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    Lets Golf

    I have tried many things. It seems noone has the right equipment to help.
    So, this is how I do it. I have a Superstand Standing Wheelchair that helps allot. I then use regular clubs and a very sturdy velcro strap around my hand and the club. You have to keep it on your hand because you have to maintain some ''whip'' to club. I hit right handed so I fix it to my right hand and sort of use my left arm for leverage. I also live in Illinois so maybe we can meet at a range. I'm used to driving so distance isn't a real problem. Also drop me your email and I will send you a pic of me.
    I hate it when people ask me my handicap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swany
    I hate it when people ask me my handicap.
    LOL out loud.

    i read most of these threads and like it when a funny comes through.

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    Yepper, that was a good one! I LOVE golf and haven't played since the day b4 ny injury. Good to see you playing and working at the range. Never thought about that one.
    How do you balance or do ya just tilt backwards a little?
    ONE of these days I gotta fix me up a standing chair and try it. Taking us forever to get organized here. Can't get at any of my tools at the moment, too much junk packed around them, lol.
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    I usually fall on my arm rests. My back swing brings me up then my follow through,, well can be humorous. There was this Peckerhead that bitched at me for throwing my driver on the practice green. it slipped...

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