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Thread: We have a work forum let's hear about your work!

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    I am a Management Consultant and specialize in supply chain management. I work with companies (mostly fortune 200 you have heard of) and work with them to solve their business challenges. I typically get on an airplane Monday mornings (lots of 6 a.m. flights) and fly back on Thursday evenings unless I am lucky enough to have a local client. Besides delivering work for my clients I am responsible for selling new work and keeping my people utilized on jobs and for ensuring they are growing in their careers.

    I also go to universities to recruit new people and try to build new intellectual property (new ideas and concepts) for my company. I spent several weeks in New Zealand a few years back helping start a project and was asked to move there for a year or two. We would have done it but we were selling 2 homes, just bought one and were planning our wedding so the timing was not right.

    The job is demanding and my last project was 6 months long with 60 - 70 hour work weeks but I continue to enjoy the challenge and I love working with new industries, businesses and people all the time.

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    speech-language pathologist
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    Got my degree from the U of FL in 1990 in Plant Pathology and Environmental Horticulcure - dual major. First job was a lab technician with the State of Florida Dept of Agriculture as a Plant Pathologist. Best job in the world but didn't pay crap and showed no promise. I even had my own greenhouse to tinker around in. Left 3 years later to work at an Environmental Engineering firm as a Data Analyst. Went back to Community College and got an AS in Computer Science. Still at the same company but have moved up to Database Analyst - Oracle, Sql Server, etc... Job is ok, company is so so but pays the bills. I tinker with website design on the side for extra spending $$.

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    Systems Admin/Database Administrator

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    I am a marketing/PR consultant. Very quad friendly job at a supportive company which, luckily, I did pre SCI.

    Work with major UK companies - increasingly advising on business issues such as corporate & social responsibility. Was a politics journalist prior to making the salary-hungry switch to the 'other side'.

    I work between 40 - 60 hours a week. Up at 7am, home by 7pm most nights. Took me a while to build back up to that.

    Less than 90 mins of PCA help per day at C5/6 incomplete but am lucky with bowel/pain and have few issues.
    C5/6 incomplete

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    I am a computer programmer for a benefits consulting firm that I was working for prior to the onset of my symptoms. I have been with the company for 12 years, and I have worked with many coding languages, as well as gained some knowledge about pensions, 401(k) plans, and health benefits (which helps me when I have to fight for what is mine).

    I used to work 70-80 hours a week, but since my disease has progressed, I only work 45 - 50...but even that is getting hard. My philosophy is I am going to continue doing what I love to do until this body of mine says enough is enough...and then I will play with my Godchildren!
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    Some simply amazing stories here, and I applaud you all.

    Me..? Not smart enough to get degrees, and was doing good to make it
    through high Live very remotely and, since dx'd PPMS in 91'
    spend most all my time on the computer buying/selling. Would also like
    to try my hand at day trading, but not sure I'm smart enough to play that

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