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Thread: We have a work forum let's hear about your work!

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    We have a work forum let's hear about your work!

    Sounds like a great idea to me (as I came up with it ). What do you do for a job?

    I'll start.

    I hang out on major intersections with a cardboard sign saying "giv me monney".

    That aint it...I work for the phone company. I might do something related to this. Usually I can be found sitting at a desk, doing something. Some of you guys know what that something might be, I'll leave it at that .

    How about you? Tell us what productive, interesting, fullfilling, and otherwise awesome employment you find yourself in!

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    The Seinfeld fan in me required that Architect, Importer/Exporter, Latex salesman, Marine Biologist, Assistant to the Traveling Secretary be listed as my occupation, but in reality I educated college coeds.

    (If my Borat fandom makes itself known, my hobbies would be ping pong, sun bathe, disco dance, and on weekends travel to the capital city to watch girls make toilet.)

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    i love life ,so i must think to get a job where life and reproduction is avalible.
    • Dum spiro, spero.
      • Translation: "As long as I breathe, I hope."

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    The unemployed is clogging up your thread....LOL

    I am going back to my old job at a hospital next Monday...woohhoooo!!!!!

    I am an outpatient coder and will be arguing with insurance companies/medicare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasb
    Didn't mean to hijack the thread, I was just bored.
    Try the "new thread" button .

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    I work full time as a CMA for a pair of podiatric surgeons and get at least 40 hrs a week. I also teach 6 cr hrs at the local community college.

    If I'm notat work, I'm in bed hugging my heating pad or asleep. Hopefully during the summer months, I will be sleeping in a tent when not at work. Rumor has it that they are going to be offering my classes this summer too.

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    I decided that I wouldn't work at any job that I hated . Back arround 1990 I had an office job (invoicing) and my boss was horrible, mean-spiritted, and ugly to boot ... One day I had a nervous breakdown and couldn't bring myself to go back to that hell-hole. So I qiut that job and devoted my time in the band I was playing in (I play drums) We toured a bit, opened for bands like Pearl Jam, Green Day, Soundgarden, (NW territory) Then in the mid 90s I got a job as a graphic artist , drawing full-page advertisements for a local music store, and working in one of thier stores organizing old vinyl records and a bit of sales , but mostly we played music and danced around the store because nobody buys vinyl anymore and we would only get a few customers a day . Then I had a job as Disc Jocky at the University Radio (graveyard shift) Which was a blast !!! because after midnight you don't have to follow FCC rules and are free to play anything you want.... I played a lot of Zappa and Pink Floyd.
    Around the turn of the century I tutored (adult illiteracy) for five years.
    Now I'm on vacation, until something fun comes along ...

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    I worked at a hospital for front desk reception and switchboard for five years from age 21 to 26 ... which was great fun. A lot of young people, 2000+ employees and knew a lot of people ... had fun ... until Ontario started amalgamating hospitals. They also wouldn't let me go into medical records because I couldn't reach the files. I was more than qualified and the VP of Finance's neighbour's daughter got the job - right off the street. I left there in hate and hospitals are really the most unaccessible places to work. Found out later that boss was arrested for drunk driving ... not sure if his marriage lasted either. Karma has a way .. besides he made a lot of people mad during his stay there.

    Previous to that, I worked in a telemarketing office and hated it. Also worked the phone/computer and some office work (and cleaning toilets eww!) when I was 19 in a pizza restaurant. Everyone helped out there though - it was kind of fun. Worked with a lot of muslims - great fun - save for one who thought all women were dogs. lol But for one, there was ten great people. I moved out of the family home at age 18 so I couldn't afford school.

    Between the hospital and my current job, I worked for a month for Union Gas. A great aunt of mine was the first woman to work her entire career in that company as the first woman so long ago (neato facto). Only a month because a better job came along ...

    I started working police and fire dispatch for a small town (approx 30,000) outside the city in which I live. The city's police building at the time wasn't accessible or I would have worked here. I used to love my job ... but office politics are making it an unpleasant place to be. I just got word this morning that another coworker is off work because of a bad back and chest pains (she was taken to hospital) so they'll overwork 6 of us as they have been from the beginning of the year - like the money but it's not great working overtime with pressure sores on my feet. It's full time rotating shift work on a six-week schedule. 40hrs every week except for two where it's 50hrs and then 30hrs. The 10hr shifts change every 3-4 days - days, afternoons and midnights. The rest of my coworkers walk ... but they have similiar health problems with sleep, weight, hormonal and general moodiness (lol) so I'm not alone there. We all have lost what social lives we had before. I wish I had a hobby outside of work but I just don't have time, neither does anyone else - save for two men who play hockey and one hunts. I keep a 10lb dumbell at work to exercise with on the midnight shift, or during other downtimes. When it's slow, you're bored. When it's busy, you're crazy busy. I get along well with all the officers and know that I could ask a favour of any of them - which is great.

    I'm pretty good at leaving stuff at work ... only one time a call bothered me and it was a teenager calling in ... he was protecting his little brother and his parents were going at it - could hear them fighting, slapping in the background. The younger one was crying ... I barely kept my composure and told him how brave he was to do the right thing and call 911 and cried when I came home that night. That was the only time and it was within the first year. Have had some crazy calls, but no murders yet - deaths yes, usually suicides. Had one woman call just screaming up a storm - after a few minutes I got, "Daughter, closet," .. I figured she had hung herself and was right.

    I get excellent feedback from the officers and have never had a complaint. I use my share of sick time (so does another employee in there but she's probably anorexic). I usually get there 'just in time' as I'm never early ... lol. Those are my only 'problems' ... always have good reviews by management.

    My off time is spent like Jadis, sleeping. It used to be my days off were spent tied up with medical appointments for my feet, but I just gave up. I keep going until I drop. I once had 3 months off work sick (when I first was on a PICC line), but I almost went crazy with nothing to do. I went back to work with a PICC line on/off for almost a year.

    I take courses, as I can afford it, online just because I want a university degree at some point - just a goal of mine.

    I'm usually busy and difficult to get a hold of (for those that have tried to call me before!) but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's good money and great benefits .. but I work for it too.

    The gentleman I live with works shift work as well .. so sometimes it makes it difficult to see each other. He has every weekend off, whereas I only get two a month. My one regret is not having children, but with my work schedule it wouldn't have worked out anyway and I don't have family who live close to me .. so c'est la vie.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    I trade stocks and I still suck but I'm too lazy to do my due diligence. It gives me something to do so that's all that matters.

    PS- we need more geopolitical matters!

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