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Thread: Blatant Solication: FWM

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    Blatant Solication: FWM

    If you are considering charitable donations as we near the end of the year, please consider Free Wheelchair Mission. I have donated to them for many years. Your donation of only $59.20 will give a person with a mobility disability in a 3rd World country a wheelchair they can use. It is not a fancy chair, but considering that most of those getting these chairs had none at all before, it is a blessing for them.

    Right now through October 31, 2010 your donation will be matched...two chairs for the donation of the cost of one:

    Learn more at their website:


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    Thanx for the heads up! I was looking in equipment forum for something and I saw your post. Haven't been on in a while.

    I FINALLY gave away my Quickie 2(first wc & used it for 12 years)
    to an old man(amputee) I met at the docs office. He was in a hospital chair that did not fit @all. Tickled the piss out of him.

    You can donate ANY amount and the best of all, you can use PAYPAL.
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