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    Smile Neurontin

    I have found Neurontin to be very effective in calming down my lower back spasming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim c View Post
    I have found Neurontin to be very effective in calming down my lower back spasming.
    That's interesting, I hadn't heard of it doing that for some one before. Maybe that's one of it's uses. I took it for nerve pain but couldn't get past the side-effects so never found out if it would have helped.

    Glad it's helping.

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    I tried it when it first came out for pain and it didn't do a thing for mine. Glad it works on something and someone.
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    Neurontin is very effective for me...I take 1200mg daily. No apparent side effects except I can't stay awake late at nite...9pm is bed time. May be my age or rum effects


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