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Thread: Medical bills??? Disability??? Wasn't sure where to post!

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    Angry Medical bills??? Disability??? Wasn't sure where to post!

    I am currently NOT a happy camper!!

    And I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice as far as medical bills and disability is concerned...Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

    1) My fiance lives in Pennsylvania and had his accident in NY...after the accident he was put on PA Access/Medicaid and now none of the NY hospitals accept PA Access/Medicaid and expect him to pay all the bills..which is virtually impossible! How can i get these bills paid and be done with this whole situation? Can I send the bills directly to Medicaid? Is there someone I should be contacting?? We tried the County Office and the lady pretty much told us that we're shit out of luck..I do not believe her...Call me untrusting but I find it hard to believe that the hospital stay was covered by medicaid but every other division in the hospital doesn't accept it...I could be wrong..but I much rather put it out there and find out for sure.

    2) Disability is to be retroactive from the date you become I wrong? From what i was told when this all happened was that we would receive a retroactive check from disability after they took their 6 mos. to determine if he was really disabled or not...we still have not received a check..he accident was in may and he didn't receive his first disability check until Dec....we still have not received a retroactive check...What do I do??

    I am so freaking mad..And i'm sure many of you can understand...

    Thanks again for taking the time to read this...

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    Hi Jen

    1). States are kind of picky when it comes to accepting each others Medicaid. It seems that they would have transfered him back to his home state as soon as they found out he had Pennsylvania M'caid and they werent going to accept it. Here is a link to the policy and procedure manual for Pennsylvania Medicaid.

    Did he choose to remain in NY for his rehab? Usually they will transfer them to a rehab that will accept whatever payor he has. When they transfered (if), the accepting facility had to agree to accept his Medicaid or is he still in an acute hospital?

    2). If his accident was in May and they started his benefits in December, that is right. You have to be disabled for 6 months in order to get disability.

    When do my benefits start?
    If your application is approved, your first Social Security disability benefits will be paid for the sixth full month after the date your disability began.
    Here is an example: If the state agency decides your disability began on January 15, your first disability benefit will be paid for the month of July. Social Security benefits are paid in the month following the month for which they are due, so you will receive your July benefit in August.
    If they had taken a year or two to determine if he was disabled or if you had to appeal to get your determination then you would get retroactive benefits from the sixth full month.

    What kind of bills are they saying he has to pay?

    I hope this helps.....
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    If you are talking about social security disability, then NO, they do not pay retro to the date of disability. The first check is payable after you have been disabled for 5 full months. So if you are injured on May 4, then May does not count as one of those full months. So June, July, August, September, October are the 5 full months. November is the first month that you are eligible for SSDI and it will be paid the following month according to when your birthday is. For Ex. if your birthday is on the 27th of the month, then you would receive your check on the 4th Wed of the month following the month you are being paid for. So it sounds to me that your fiance was paid correctly for SSDI with no waiting beyond the norm and is not due any retroactive pay. You only get retro pay if they go past the date that you are eligible before you finally get paid, then they will pay you retro to your eligibility date.
    As far as the medicaid, I have no idea. Sorry.

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    Hey girl. I just got a check back from the hospital, b/c medicaid/SSI went back and paid them.

    Our Texas State medicaid went back 3 months and SSI is supposed to go back 3 months before the date of application. Has your fiance tried to get on SSI? I fought and fought and fought with them and finally got the stuipid lady to qualify him. You will be denied about 3 times beofre he qualifies just so you know. Keep fighting, most give up, but don't give up. To date, we haven't had anything put on our credit b/c of the accident, still perfect. If I were you I would call social security or medicaid. Believe it or not they are relly nice and helpful and told me that these idiots in the state offices don't know what they are talking about. YEah thats right call the government 800 number, sit on hold.....its worth it!

    I hope this helps. It sucks that along with everything else you go through with a SCI you have to fight the hospitals and be threatened with bills. I just kept saying we are SSI/ medicaid pending. It worked every time, until I got a number to give them, then they were really happy and finally got off of my back.
    Good Luck!!!

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    They are saying he has to pay all kinds of x ray bills and inpatient consultation..I guess i better start paying them...: (

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    As long as you pay at least $10/ month they cannot post it on your credit, no matter what they try to say to scare you. I worked in a clinic, and my dad is a doctor, so I have a few insides.

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    Check to see if your state has a SS Benefits Specialist. They are seperate from the SS office and can work wonders with numbers. Also contact your state Vocational Rehabilitation Department/Independent Living Agency. There all several agencies that are available; they have definately helped me.

    As for the bills, as long as you pay $10 a month they can't touch you. If all else fails, contact a lawyer.

    Hang in there...things will get better.

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