Hello! My name is Susan Miller and I am a researcher at Florida State University. I am requesting your participation in a study about positive psychological characteristics (such as optimism and sense of humor) and quality of life in individuals with spinal cord injury. Too often, the focus is on what is "wrong" with a person, and I want service providers and psychological researchers to talk more about what is "right" with a person.

You are invited to participate in this survey if you:
  • Have had your spinal cord injury for 1 (one) year or more and
  • Are 18 years of age or older
There are no anticipated risks to completing the survey. Please click on the following link if you wish to participate: http://surveys.coe.fsu.edu/TakeSurvey.asp?SurveyID=8J0ln44H9746M.You may also email me at smiller@coe.fsu.edu to have this link emailed to you directly. Thank you very much!