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Thread: Weight training and shoulders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jr.
    Hey Brother, where did you get your handcycle from. You just motivated me to get one! I'm on it!
    Bought mine through in late 2003. They are a knowledgeable bunch who ride themselves and very well known. Guarantee you will be glad you got one. Fun and does the body good!

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    I just looked up these rotator cuff exercises for those who want to use an elastic band. The first three (or four if you are a strong enough para) are the ones for your rotator cuffs:

    I find that the over the top motion of an arm bike hurts my rotator cuffs. Maybe because my quad arms have to over depend on the shoulders to do the work of missing arm muscles. I find that the Vitaglides my shoulder neutral position is better for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myc0
    I have been going to the gym twice a week to build up my upper body strength and reduce my gut. It has been pretty effective, as my upper body is a good bit stronger than it was even pre-sci, and my gut is finally shrinking. But recently I have been a little bit worried about my shoulders. Sometimes while/after working hard at the gym my shoulders will feel a little funny or pop. I am sick right now so my whole body is aching, but my shoulders are extra sore. I know that many paras end up with shoulder problems from overuse and strain because they have to do so much. I work on several different machines at the gym and do a little bench-pressing. I was wondering if there are excercises that are especially effective for building up the upper bodies for paras that I should focus on, or if there are any that are really rough on the shoulders that I should avoid?
    Myco,you might want to work out with red or green theraband on your off days. It helps my shoulders. Try more repetitions with less weight when you work out at the gym.

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    You may also want to check out your technique when lifting. My personnel trainer does not have me take the bar all the way down to my chest when doing bench presses. He said it could potentially cause damage (micro tears) to the shoulder. I'll ask him next time I see him for other thoughts.

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    Try doing standing reverse cable flys witht the pulleys or cables. Stand with arms crossed because you've grabbed the opposite cable sides and bring arms across the body pause and squeeze shoulder blades together. Arms should be straight across as squeezing shoulder blades when end. Tha's one rep do 17-20 of these in 3 sets. Should help posture and shoulder strength

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    I was talking to some of the powerlifting folks at the wheelie gym yesterday.
    They were talking about a thing they called "setting your scapulas" when doing a bench squeezing the shoulder blades together to put the sholuder socket in a stronger positiion and also reducing the range of motion of the lift.
    I thnk this technique mainly applies to high weight /low rep stuff.

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