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Thread: Is there a reason to stay alive

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    Homeless in North Carolina

    Is there a reason to stay alive

    -I am paralyzed from the shoulders down
    -I am in constant pain
    -I had a successful business
    - in six months my assets will be depleted
    -I will be sent to a nursing home
    -my wife and three children will be on their own
    -I have a large life insurance policy
    -it will take care of my family for many years
    - is there any reason for me to stay alive
    -thank you for your response

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    In your nightmares

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    Homeless in North Carolina
    Interesting-you nailed the thing I love

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    Your family is the only reason you need. For me, it's the chicks, man.

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    What is your actual level of injury? ASIA category?

    What kind of business? Your profile says you are an attorney. I know many attorneys who are in chairs, some with higher injuries than yours (vent dependent). Can you go back to that or something similar?

    What are you doing about your neuropathic pain?

    Why would you have to go to a nursing home? Wouldn't you be eligible for Medicaid? Are you now?

    I am sure you family does not want you dead. They would not be happy if you offed yourself, and if you committed suicide, your life insurance would probably not pay off anyway.

    Are you getting counseling? Treatment for depression? Do you have someone close to you that you can talk about these feelings with? Your wife, a close friend, pastor, sibling?

    (and by the way, there are sports you can still participate in...sailing, bowling, power soccer, etc.)


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    that's a real solid case my friend.

    what's on your list of reasons TO live? only fair to post both.

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    If I was on my own I could live under a bridge. I want my family taken care of. That has always been in my purpose in life.

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    You can still be an attorney. Give it time, you are still a new injury, dont think you will always be looking at things this way because things change in time. Thats one reason I find that suicide makes no sense, because a year down the road from now when you get your life together, you will be thinking, what was I thinking? Theres tons of stuff you can still do. Have you ever thought about trying sailing? The sky is the limit. There may have been 10 million things you could do before your injury, there are still 5 million things you can do now.

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    Curt beat me to it. Sailing is a sport any disability can participate in. Racing satisfies that competitive appetite we all have.

    But primarily you've got to hang in there for the kids. Insurance money doesn't replace dad. Wives come and go, but how you handle your disability can be your kids greatest life lesson.

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    Hey man I know that life is tough.You can show your family you love them by sticking around.
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
    Sponsored Athlete

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