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Thread: Coping with this now ..

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    Unhappy Coping with this now ..

    How do I begin this .. Am at a loss as to how to start this thread.

    *Sigh* Well, last night after posting a reply on a thread here I got a call from one of my nieces. We had been attempting to find her sister for the last ten years since she last left here with her husband. The last contact we had had was to find out that he had prohibited her from having any contact with any of us. Not even her father(my brother). These two girls had often been at my home when their mom had been hospitalized. Their mom had psychiatric problems and my brother would always ask us to help with their care. I loved them like my own kids. Especially since their dad and I had always been very close. (I write this so you all can understand why this had hit me so hard.) I loved babysitting them. They grew up and because of the way things were, we became very close too. They always would come to me for advice and support. My missing niece always kept in contact with me. Every birthday, mothers day, christmas, and all holidays I was sure to get a card from her. After she left with her husband, all this stopped. I thought it strange but hoped that it would change and he would let her get in contact again with us. All these years, I kept hoping to hear from her one day. Nada. She had two daughters with him and raised his little boy from a previous marriage. To this day, we don't know where the girls are. The little boy? He supposedly drowned while his dad took him to someplace where there was a lake. The story about his death is sketchy. The little boy died after my niece disappeared. His death brought a horrible thought to my mind. I began to wonder if maybe something might have happened to to Ada. If maybe the little boy had witnessed something dreadful. My mind was going crazy with all these questions. My other niece and I still attempted to find out what had happened to Ada. I even used the internet and looked at missing persons sites to see if maybe we could find her. I posted a missing person on one the sites for her. Still nothing.

    Last night's call was about her. She had been found murdered along I-75. That was back then ten years ago and since there was no ID on her they buried her as "Jane Doe". All this time we had been looking for her and no one had connected her with us. Sad. So terribly, terribly sad.

    My other niece was interviewed tonight on a local news channel. We want justice done. We want the monster who killed her caught. We want the person who cut her life short punished for his/her actions.

    Last night, all those precious moments we shared a long time ago came back. I cried and wished with all my heart that things had turned out differently but they didn't. Now we are only left with those memories of those times and my beautiful, sweet niece, Ada Elena. God, keep her close to you and let her know we miss her and still love her so.

    Please pray for our family. We need them so much at this time.

    If you wish to read about the case you can do a search under her name .. Ada Elena Torres Smith. Also, here is a link to the vid from last night's report on our local channel ..
    or you can watch the clip at this url ..


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    Wow, that's an unbelievable story. Our thoughts are with you.
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    (((((((((((((((((( raven )))))))))))))))))))))))

    *** tears ***
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    So so sorry Raven
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    o raven, i'm at a loss for words. i'm so sorry this happened. as always, i'll be thinking of you.
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your niece.

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    Oh God that's terrible, I'm so sorry Raven! I know that this is extremely painful for you, but know that we are thinking about you, and she is in a better place. You are so strong, but I hate it that your strength has been tested SO much lately. I can only send you my best wishes that your heartache will heal.

    P.S. -Are they investigating her husband?
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    I am truly sorry for your loss. Although I escaped my attacker with my life...he was also someone who I once cared about and trusted. Needless to say, what happened with you niece hits close to home...there are so many forms of domestic violence and too many women have suffered in silence.

    I certainly hope and pray that your niece, Ada, gets the justice she so rightly deserves and that she may finally rest in peace.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

    Vaya con Dios...

    Take care,


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    Oh, honey, this is terrible. I am SO sorry, for you and everyone. Are you going to look for the girls?

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    Thank you all. Just finished watching the 10 o'clock news. Again they had the interview done with my niece Blanca. It is painful to watch yet I feel that we must hang on in there. We are so hoping that the police find out who did it. Our suspicions cannot be proven but deep in our hearts we don't doubt we know who it was.

    Blanca and I have discussed setting up a special memorial for her. I had also wanted to have an "Amber Alert" on my site previously. I have sent an email to a website that dedicate themselves in helping families with missing loved ones and also for children who are missing. I have asked them to direct me to the right place where I can get the information needed so I can get the alert on my site. I feel I must do this even more so now. The pain inside of a family's heart is something terrible to deal with. Maybe these things will help me deal with it better. I certainly hope so.

    Again, thank you all for your support. If you wish to view the newsbit for tonight with Blanca's interview, the link is the following ..

    Bonita: Thank God you escaped. Take care of yourself and thank you for your kind words.


    Added note .. Bethy, we are trying to do everything possible, even using the media so as to see if we can somehow get the girls to see the newsbit or someway we can get to contact them. We are working with the authorities to help in any way we can. Thank you for your words.

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